Tuesday, July 19, 2016

San Diego Day 2: SeaWorld & Old Town

Sunday was our 2nd day here in San Diego and the vote was to go to Sea World.  We have city passes that include a lot of the big attractions here in San Diego and those are good for 5 days so we will be packing them all in through Thursday.  A lot of them include animals as you can imagine so we started with the sea animals.   Everyone really enjoyed our day too and it went great other than the fact we all forgot our sunscreen so now we have some lovely pink tones to us.   We got to the park when it opened and it wasn't crowded at all until after lunch when the crowds picked up a little.  I think the touch pools that we saw right when we walked in were one of the biggest hits.  Kate and Cohen even had to make sure we stopped here again on our way out to pet the furry horseshoe crabs. I think the walrus hit at the top of their list too.  I preferred the 2 bigger rides at the park!  I think the highlight for Bryce was probably meeting one of his favorite characters...Elmo.  Luckily Elmo had a very short line because Bryce has no sense of waiting his turn.  He kept yelling "hey Melmo" and trying to walk in front of all the other kids in line.  When it was finally his turn he had to give Elmo a hug, Cookie Monster a high five, and then did stand for a picture.  He is so funny getting his picture made because he will stand still but just stares without any smile.    He had also only had a short nap so maybe that had a little to do with it too.  He and I skipped out on the whale show so he could take a little nap.

I did get a kick out of this sign when we entered the park.  Pokemon Go has become quite the rage especially when signs are posted.  This was the 2nd sign I had seen in only 2 days.  Lots of Pokemon's to catch around here...

Petting the sharks!

While the others caught the whale show....

I caught this little sleep show...nap time is a precious thing!

We did see the dolphin show and I think Bryce was enjoying that one.

 I think his all time favorite animal was probably the turtles.  He would scream "tutle" at top of his lungs.

Meeting Elmo!

One last time at the horseshoe crabs

We left Sea World in the afternoon and brought everyone back for some nap down time.  Cohen and Kate don't understand the concept and chose to go to the pool with Brock.  I did get some good reading time in down there with them.

That night we decided to head to Old Town for some fun.  Little did we know we would start the fun here at the hotel parking lot!  The parking garage here at the hotel has so many large poles in it.  They are really about every six feet with teeny tiny parking spaces.  I think most cars are taking up two.  Well you can guess what happened....we backed out of our parking space cleared the pole only to start pulling out and yes....scraped right down the side of the rental van.  Uh-oh!  Kelly had just said he thought driver's tests should be given in our parking garage...test failed.  Needless to say that on this day we are thankful for renter's insurance!  And a now we won't have to worry about mixing our van up with another.

We weren't about to stop the fun since there isn't much we can do anyway.   We walked around a little in Old Town and enjoyed the music.  It is such a neat area.  I loved the buildings.  We all had fun dancing at the Fiesta De Reyes.  We enjoyed dinner at Barra Barra which was good authentic Mexican food and drinks!   Bryce got upset after hearing the fireworks which led to some good snuggles with Mama which worked out great for me!  It was another fun filled day with lots of laughs for us!

our restaurant Barra Barra

 Women making fresh tortilla in the middle of the courtyard!

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