Thursday, July 21, 2016

San Diego Day 4: USS Midway & PETCO Park

Tuesday was the halfway mark of the trip so we decided to take a break from all the animal fun and also take a day to sleep later.   We were totally adjusted to the time change and were ready to sleep past 7:00.  We decided we would go tour the USS Midway in the morning and then on to PETCO park for the 3:00 tour.  First stop was the Midway.   The USS Midway museum is in downtown San Diego at the Navy Pier.  The USS Midway was the longest serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century.  Key word in that sentence was aircraft and there you have it, Bryce was in airplane heaven, especially on the flight deck.  I'm pretty sure I could have gotten lost in the ship and in all the tunnels we walked down.  I cannot begin to imagine living on that ship, but approximately 200,000 sailors have served aboard that ship!  The kids seemed to enjoy certain parts as much as kids can.  Kate said she liked trying out the bunks where the sailors slept.  Bryce loved seeing all of the aircraft on board and Cohen was diligent on her audio headphones to listen to each numbered stop and hear all of the facts being told.   I can only last so long at museums with the kids but it was interesting.

Bryce fit just under the plane's wing

the on board store for the sailors

trying out the was tight quarters

The ship even had an onboard jail...pretty sure these 3 might have ended up in there!

this statue stands at the park and I thought it was so cute!  The navy sailor with his sweetie!

Bryce loved the "helcacas"

In the distance you can see the big Coronado bridge

On the flight deck...he was in airplane heaven!

a look back at the city from the Midway
We left the Midway and headed downtown to eat lunch.  We ate at a place called Smashburger.  After lunch we headed to PETCO park for a tour.  This is where the San Diego Padres play baseball.  With all the happenings for the upcoming ComicCon this weekend we weren't sure if the tour would take place but it did!  It was neat seeing a lot of the behind the scenes places at the park.  I think we all enjoyed getting to be on the field and in the dugout.  It was everyone's first time on a major league baseball field.  We also toured the press box,  the visiting team's batting cage (where the girls each got to get a baseball that had been used in a game), and the visiting team's clubhouse.  It was a neat experience.  I know our little boy may wish he could remember it all one day!  He did like looking at his baseball card our tour guide, Tim gave him.  He was quiet in his stroller and when I would look over at him he would be looking at the card.

One of the players was being interviewed while we were there.  Not sure who though :)

Cohen was the "co-navigator" with Tim our navigator.  Here she is touching the bricks that were 107 years old.

press announcers!  Cohen got to shout "play ball" over the loud speaker

This is a shot of the Western Metal Supply company building that is now a part of the ball field.  This is the brick building that is 107 years old.  The field was built around the building and you will notice that the yellow foul marker is painted on the side of the building so it is an actual part of the game!

The view from behind home plate

relaxing in the clubhouse

 looking at his baseball card

Bryce was all laid back enjoying the ride!
After we left the ballpark we decided it would be a great time for some ice cream!  We headed over to Coronado to the Hotel del Coronado.  The hotel is so beautiful and the beach is too.  It is actually named as one of the nation's best beaches.  We got ice cream at the Moo Time Creamery and it was some of the best ice cream to me!  We sat and enjoyed the ice cream, the views, and the beach!  Bryce enjoyed a little nap too.   Afterwards we walked around for a little while and went in a few shops.  As I type all of this I realize our down day was pretty packed!

I would love to know what this conversation was.  

Cohen wanted to use my camera to take pictures of me and Kelly.  She may just be a good assistant!

Bryce woke up for some play time 

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