Friday, July 22, 2016

San Diego Day 6: Zoo Safari Park

Thursday was the last day on our San Diego City Pass so we had planned to visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.   We had read up on this park and it sounded like it would have a lot of the same zoo animals but in different, and larger habitats.  Late Wednesday night Kate started crying about her ear hurting.  I knew that didn't sound good so Paula and I walked across to a nearby CVS.  I thought she could have water in her ear from swimming so I got alcohol and some ear drops.  When I got back Kelly decided he wanted Tylenol for her too so he too made another trip across to the CVS.  She finally went to sleep but did wake up in the night and we had to deliver more Tylenol.  I was already searching for an urgent care because it worried me that she could have an infection with us flying out on Saturday.  When we got up Thursday morning she claimed that her ear wasn't hurting but she was quiet.  As we drove up to the park I kept looking at her and she started to look more and more weak eyed.  When we got to the park she was trying her best to say she was feeling fine but I knew she wasn't.  I ended up renting a stroller at the park for her since we only brought one for Bryce.  Anyone who knows Kate at all or has read one post on this blog about her knows she LOVES her animals.  She barely got out of the stroller all day and while she did get out and walk to see the baby tigers, she was back in that stroller as quick as she could.  I felt so bad for her.  It was also a lot hotter at this park because it was further inland.  It was almost unbearable as the day went on.  We all knew we would in no way try to see the whole park with Kate feeling bad so we chose to see certain animals and do the safari bus tour.  I'm so glad we went to this park because it was very neat.  We also got to see a lot of baby animals and all the animals seemed to be up and awake more than some at the zoo.  My mama loves tigers and there were 3 baby tigers.  One actually was up and walking for a minute when we saw it.  On the bus ride we saw the cheetah with her 6 babies!  We also saw baby wildebeest.  The lions were ready for lunch the first time we saw them, but when we came back by they were back out and actually were having a little rabbit snack!  Yikes!  Not the sweetest sight to see but Kate loves lions and that was pretty interesting to say the least.  I hate that she wasn't feeling good because all of this would have really been her thing.  I think if we had given her more Tylenol before we went in she would have felt better too.  Her fever went up in the park and that is what made her feel so bad.  Once we had left and got the medicine in her she perked up a good bit.

when you aren't tall enough to see, you find a way!
Baby tiger!

The babies were all laying on top of each other...close to their mama!

the big daddy tiger

you can see how dry it looks!  The bus took us out into all of this

poor baby

lunch time for the lions and they knew it too!

2 baby wildebeests

the lion and his bunny!

We left the safari park and had lunch.  We dropped everyone else off at the hotel and Kelly and I took Kate to a minute clinic.  Kate was so upset thinking she might get a shot.  We tried telling her she wouldn't but she cried the whole way there.  Once there we luckily had no wait and they confirmed that she did have an ear infection.  She was much more talkative after the visit when she knew she wouldn't get a shot and we let her get a treat.  Kelly also told her he would take her to the next door PETCO store to see any animals that might be inside.  It turned out to be a lot of fish tanks and a few lizards but sadly she was just as excited about them as the big animals we had seen earlier.  That should tell you that she wasn't quite up to par while we were there.  That and its the little animals that sometimes impress the most!

We stayed close to the hotel with her feeling bad.  We went to a nearby Wahoo Fish Taco.  Thank goodness for the animals she had got from the gift shop at Sea World because that is what she played with in the bath while Cohen, Brock and Daddy did some swimming.  She did not like the fact that I wouldn't let her swim but the animals were a big helpful distraction.  Say a prayer for her that these antibiotics kick in so that she doesn't have a lot of pain flying home.  It is the descent that can really hurt her ears.  At least its a non-stop flight!

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