Wednesday, July 13, 2016

4th of July 2016!

We had a great 4th of July!  It is one of my favorite holidays.  I mean it is right in the middle of summer, we hang out with friends all day, what's not to love?!  I even got a cute picture of all 3 kids smiling!  (you have to celebrate the little things too.)  With the 4th being on a Monday we got to celebrate during the weekend too.
On Saturday we had a relaxing day at home.  We did go to Bebe's house that morning and got to see Tracy's little baby goat.  This was right up Kate's alley of course!  This is also when we got our picture of all 3 kiddos.  While taking pictures they saw that we had a lot of blackberries growing and wanted to pick them.   At one point I asked Kate if she liked the berries she was picking and when she turned around this is what I saw...

 Unfortunately Kate got her first bee sting that night, but it didn't stop her for long.  She was back picking her blackberries!

Here are pictures of Kate and Cohen with Tracey's little goat.

 Sunday morning we had a registration party for our upcoming vacation Bible school.  The kids had fun in the photo booth.  I also had to get a picture of Kate with Sadie and Sawyer.  They were all 3 matching in their red, white, and blue!

We had a little cookout with family at Pop & Sug's on Sunday night and of course the kids wanted a truck ride with Pop.

On the 4th we had our annual 4th of July breakfast party with our neighbors.  Chris and Leslie were sweet to have everyone down for a big breakfast.  The kids all swam and we had fun hanging out with everyone.  I can't believe how fast our neighborhood kids are growing though!  Its crazy looking back at pictures.  Time just changes kids so much from year to year and nothing like a picture to show it!

We headed to stop #2 around 1:00.  We love hanging out at the Burton's all day on the 4th.  We go for lunch and we are there all day until after fireworks.  We all had fun swimming and talking and of course eating!  Bryce actually hung in there pretty good. He also got to go down the slide with Grace (his first time) and jump or have a slight push from the diving board.  He loves the water!    He did finally take about a 20-25 minute nap!  Bryce is also not a fan of fireworks at all.  We knew this so we had to be prepared to be inside with him.  I hate it too because I love fireworks.  I remember how long it took Cohen to like them.  I still think she covers her ears a lot while watching.  And she's only been good watching them for the last year or so. There is still hope for Bryce yet!  Kate is just in her own little world while they are going off.  Needless to say by the time the fireworks were over it was time to get Bryce home and in the bed.  Cohen stayed with Josie which she loved.  It was such a fun day, as it always is!

Here are more of the 4th of July pictures I took of the kids.  I don't know why but holidays just always seem to be good photo ops!

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