Friday, July 22, 2016

San Diego Day 5: Legoland

Wednesday we were back at another amusement park here in San Diego and this time it was Legoland.  We weren't real sure how well this would appeal to us but we decided to try it out at least for a few hours.   You definitely don't have to be into Legos to enjoy the park but Cohen does like Legos and enjoyed seeing the Lego Friends girls.  There are so many things made out of Legos that it is quite amazing to see what they can make from a bunch of legos.  I will say that I think the prime age for this park is somewhere from 5-10.  They have some fun rides but the lines do get really long.  Unfortunately Bryce wasn't able to do much here at all.  It also got very hot!  Having a toddler and being that hot made us all move as quickly as we could.

We did get to the park soon after it opened and rode a few rides pretty quick.  The first was a small roller coaster.  Both girls were able to ride this one so we got in line.  A little background info on Cohen and roller coasters...she is NOT a fan.  She hates losing her stomach on big hills.  This one was small and we decided to make her go.  She has to learn to get over it.  We knew she would like it once she got on because she used to like them!  It was quite funny in line though.  We had Kate smiling and not worried and Cohen crying.  The pictures of Cohen are in line, on the ride, and after the ride.  I had to take a picture of what the camera caught from the ride.  Her face was priceless!

Kelly kept telling her to hold her hands up and this is as high as they went 
I'm trying to tell Kate the same thing but she never would hold hers up either

Cohen was all smiles and did great after the ride

Bryce could ride a few things and the fairytale boat was one of those

Everything being made out of legos was pretty amazing!

of course Bryce loved the little train

Kate loved the cars!  Her favorite was getting her "drivers license" after the ride was over.  I think she only had one bump and it was with a kid who stopped in front of her.  Just a little bump drafting.

Cohen loved them too!  Her driving track was more of a town with stop lights and streets.  We had Brock go with Cohen while we went with Kate.  You can see how thrilled he was driving the cars.  Believe it or not the age was 6-13 for these cars so he fell into that...barely!

One of the most amazing parts of Legoland was the mini town where they had recreated cities out of Legos.  They were unbelievable!  The replicas of New York City and Las Vegas were my favorite but they were all so cute!  I'm pretty sure Bryce was inches away from going under the ropes and stomping each town to pieces though.  Again...not the best place for a small toddler.

It was at this point that Brock, Paula, and I waited a while to ride another big roller coaster while Kelly and Mama took the girls and Bryce to another ride.  Bryce had luckily fell asleep in the stroller so we had a small window to do something before we left.  After the ride Cohen got to have her picture made with one of the Lego characters.  Her name was Wild something but I can't remember.  Cohen knew exactly who she was but I'm not up on all of the lego characters.
The one character that wasn't made out of legos!

On our way out of the park we took a picture of all of us.  As you can see Bryce

Driving back from Legoland we took the scenic route along the coast.  We got to see some beautiful views of the California coast.  It has some rocky shores and cliffs along with white beaches.  It was a very pretty drive and we will be seeing more of these areas later.

That night we went back to Old Town to look around and have dinner.  We enjoyed watching some more dancers and did a little shopping.

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