Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Fun and Kate's First UGA Game!

We had a lot going on this weekend which isn't anything new but a lot of firsts going on!  In spite of the wet weather we got it all in.  Friday was the junior auxiliary day at the high school.  Cohen would be participating with the majorettes to twirl at halftime.  The show was a special performance to honor veterans.  It was such a yucky day but these girls did a great job.  At game time is was a little misty off and on but by half time the mist/rain stopped and the girls performed.  Cohen did a great job and had a big smile on her face out there.  I have to say I was so excited for her.  I have so many fun memories from high school on that football field on Friday nights!  I could tell she was having a lot of fun in spite of the weather.  The crazy part was the bottom fell out as soon as they walked off the field.  I mean I had not even got to her to get her back into the stands and the flood came.   I am glad it held off for their performance though.

This was before the game and heavy rain

these 2 loved dancing in the rain!  
Saturday was another big game day.  This was an easy week for the Dawgs and we decided it would be a perfect time to take Kate to her first Ga game.  I cannot even put into words how excited she was.  She had asked all week when it was time for the GA game.  When we got to Athens and got parked she was jumping up and down saying, "I'm going to the Ga game, I'm going to the Ga game." I loved it!  We also had Westley and Keyes with us and it was Keyes' first game too.  We definitely wanted to get the kids down to the Dawg Walk and made it barely!  We pushed Keyes and Cohen up to the fence as it was starting and both got to get their high fives from the players.  Kate was on Kelly's shoulders so she could see.  She was watching for Hairy Dawg more so than Nick Chubb :)  We listened to the Red Coats and the kids got to see Uga.  Then we headed into the stadium.  We wanted to get food and of course a picture at the hedges for their first game!  It's a must!

Going into her first game!

This game may have been an easy team for Ga but one thing a lot of people were anxious to see was their band!  Southern's band was voted USA Today's #1 band in the country and let me tell you, they were great!  They were very entertaining!  I love our Redcoat band but I do have to give credit to this band as well.  They were great and I think most of the stadium kept their seat at halftime to watch and cheer for them.  The kids were great during the game too.   We actually stayed on into the 4th quarter so I was impressed with Kate.  She did great watching.  She did love sitting in Westley's lap too.  That and getting snacks kept her occupied.  I think she ate her weight in popcorn!   We were pretty excited to get the seed planted in her :)
Taking it all in

You can always bet on Cohen for a silly pic

Sweet girl's first game!!
When we left Athens we got to come home to some more excitement.  It was Franklin Co.'s homecoming dance and this year was Grace's first dance!  I had so much fun taking pictures for their group.  Homecoming has become quite the big deal.  We did have fun taking pics and then of course Cohen and Kate wanted to see Grace all dressed up for the dance.  What is so crazy is that Grace wasn't much older than Cohen when we moved into our house!  I know time is going to fly by and that will be Cohen before we know it.  I mean I could have cried watching Grace.  How will I handle my own?!

 I had to share this picture of Cohen doing dishes later that night.  She told me she loved washing dishes...hmmm.  How long can I take advantage of this?!

We ended our weekend yesterday with a little birthday party fun for Kate's BFF Autumn.  She had a Sheriff Callie party complete with horse rides.  That was right up my girls' alley.  They both had a blast riding and playing with their friends.

And my last but definitely not least picture to share is Kate sporting one of the funniest Halloween masks I've seen.  We had some fun and a few laughs to say the least!  Happy Monday!

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  1. You all had a jam packed weekend! We are hoping to get to a game with the kids this year and I hope it happens!