Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Soccer Has Started!

This week started Kate's fall soccer games.  I love watching her play soccer.  She really impresses me how she will get in there and get that soccer ball.  Kate and her best friend Autumn are back on the same team, only this time they are the only girls on the team.  Both of them can hold their own so we definitely don't worry about them.  Kelly is coaching again and I think he was just as excited to coach as he was to watch Kate.  Our team is the Parrots and Kate gets the credit for the team name.  While other teams are the Dawgs, Lions, and the other team names you may have heard, we are the Parrots. I thought it was so cute and since the jerseys are neon green it really suited.  Kelly was not as excited about the name but finding out that Kate had picked it, he caved and Parrots it was.  Their first game was this week and they did awesome!  Kelly has bragged on his entire team after all the practices and I was excited to get to see them in action.  They are all such cute little soccer players!  I love it.  Even the rain didn't stop them.  They were all into it.  I know they are going to have a great little soccer season which is pretty much just the month of September.  These next few weeks will be spent at the soccer fields.  The weather is really starting to feel good in the evenings so I am looking forward to it!
Go Parrots!   Sorry but picture overload is happening starting now...

My little Parrot!

Best Friends!

What is funny is how they have no knowledge of teammate and still want to be the one scoring the goal.

Before the game started the teams all had their pictures.  Kate and Autumn were having so much fun together and were cracking us up.  Don't ask me what they were talking about but Kate was having Autumn smell her t-shirt.  A good friend will always make sure you smell ok, right?!  These two are a mess!

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