Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Everyday Happenings

Every now I have to post some random happenings with each of the kids.  Its just a little glimpse into the "everyday" life around here.  I know I joke that there is never a dull moment but in reality it isn't a joke.  There is always something going on, now it may not be the most fun but it isn't dull!  Cohen has been in her regular school, baton, church routine.  She is really enjoying school and is doing great.  This month she was actually named Student of the Month and their character trait that they focused on was respect.  I was so proud of her and I'm glad she has been showing respect at school.

Cohen also recently had spirit week at school.  Each day was a different theme.  She had super hero day, Disney day, twin day, throwback day, and spirit day for the Lions.  I didn't get a picture each day but I did have a picture from twin day.  She and her 2 friends Briana and McKinlee were actually triplets.  Cute triplets if I do say so myself!

Kate has also been loving school.  She is one of nine girls in her classroom and only 1 boy!  She loves all her friends and I love hearing her stories about school.  She is always so happy!  I love her attitude.  Kate's class has been talking about apples and last week had a visit from Johnny Appleseed himself!  It was actually Hannah's daddy but they loved his visit especially the pot on his head!

She also is still playing soccer.  With all the rain last week she hasn't been able to play so we are excited to get back at it this week.

Now not to be shown up by his sisters, Bryce has been getting into some mischief himself.  Bryce is one big ball of smiles and it is so cute because there is not one tooth in his mouth!  He too is always so happy and I just love him so!  Recently I had put him in his pack-n-play so I could take a shower and know he was contained!  All you moms out there know what a luxury a shower can be and knowing that he can't be into everything is more peace of mind!  Well Mr. B somehow managed to get his own diaper off and decided he would then poop right in his pack-n-play.  When I walked over to check on him and discovered his "mess" I had to snap a picture because you can't make these things up.

He was not into having that mess on him as you can tell from the second picture.  He was holding his leg up to be sure not to touch it.  It could have been my EEWWW squeal that turned him off too, who knows.  Either way he was all smiles after his bath!

I had shown the picture to Sug and it just so happens that Bryce seems to get his skills from his daddy.  Only Daddy wasn't smart enough to take his entire diaper off....The apple doesn't fall far from the tree indeed.

To continue the pack-n-play mischief, Bryce decided to share the excitement with Suzy.  She was watching Bryce for me last Thursday.  She had put him down for a nap and everything was quiet so she assumed he had just fell asleep pretty quick since he was so tired.  When she peeked in on him she saw him sitting up with red hands...well those red hands were not only hands, but face, hair, clothes,  and blanket.  She doesn't know how, but he found a tube of lipstick somewhere and went to town with it.  According to Suzy it was EVERYWHERE!  Another moment you can't help but laugh at.  The picture she sent me was blurry but you can get the idea, and this was after she had cleaned up a good bit of his face.  Notice though he did keep the paci in so it wasn't on his lips and he didn't eat it!

Oh me...never a dull moment!
Over the weekend Kelly and I braved the rain and headed to Athens with Blake and Kasey for the GA/Alabama game.  It actually turned out that it wasn't much of a game but we won't go there.  The rain actually wasn't that bad and we were definitely dressed and ready for it!  I think we have most weather conditions covered so we are always ready!
Tailgating in the parking deck

At the Dawg Walk

after the game we managed one smile...because we were dry

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