Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bryce 11 months!

I can't believe I'm typing the last "month" update on Bryce before he is officially one!  Denial, denial, denial.  Bryce continues to be the happiest, smiliest, sweetest baby boy.  We have been blessed in the baby dept with all of our kids!   The biggest thing going on with Bryce is he is on the move, crawling and pulling up everywhere.  Here are some of the latest things for Bryce and some pictures.  He is not into the stickers any more and he is also not into sitting still.  I'm glad my camera snaps fast but even at that it is a chore!
At 11 months Bryce:

  • weighs around 21 lbs from what I can get off of our scale at home
  • wears 9 mos. clothes or 6-12 mos. depending on the store and how they size
  • shoe size 3
  • Only says "Ma-Ma" and "Da-da" pretty good.  He does wave
  • LOVES food!  He not only eats his food good, but he has taken a big interest in all table food.  Some of his favorites right now are mashed potatoes, green beans, and applesauce.  Bread is ranked up there at the top too.  He only has 2 sometimes 3 bottles a day.
  • Has NO teeth still.  I actually don't even feel anything but he is chewing on his hands a lot and has those nasty smelling teething diapers!  We will see.  I hear the longer it takes to get the teeth, the better the teeth are.
  • Loves the bathtub.  I have started putting him in our garden tub while I get ready in the mornings.  It is a fabulous little pack-n-play that keeps him very entertained.
  • Loves to be outside.  His push car is one of his favorites and golf cart rides are a must!  He loves to "drive".  
  • Is strong willed.  He will squeal when things don't go his way or the way he wants them to go!
  • Loves his paci and blankie!  Both are key for bedtime and nap time.  He takes usually 2 naps but sometimes might just take one long nap from 11-2 or so .  School pick up dictates our nap schedule.
  • He is very spoiled by me!  He likes for Mama to hold him.  He will play pretty good with the girls.  He and Kate get play time in more often than he does with Cohen and Kate will play pretty good with him.  I get tickled at the things she says to him.  He was trying to climb on our elliptical today and she just looked at me and said, "this is going to be dangerous."  
Here are some of the pictures of Bryce with his 11 month sticker.  It was an act of Congress!

 Remember that squeal I was telling you about..

Ummm....this sticker has to go

"Seriously Mom, you really want me to wear this?"

I think the door is a much better place for this sticker tie

Funny...I usually just put a white onesie on Bryce for these pictures.  Really I just take one that he has with something on it and turn it around backwards because I don't have just a white one.  Today's onesie was a GA one that had a GA tie on it...I saw that tie more than I could capture the sticker one.

On Tuesdays I take Kate and Bryce to the library for story time.  I mentioned how much Bryce is on the move.  Here are pics from just one story time this month.  He was everywhere!  We had no snacks this particular day which was a major no-no.  We haven't made that mistake since.  I couldn't help but get a kick out of him though.  Into everything!

                                                              I love this baby boy!

Snuck up on these 2 having a car ride!

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