Monday, September 7, 2015

Its Saturday in Athens!

It has officially started!  Georgia football season!  Woo-hoo!  This family of Bulldawgs has been counting down the days until kickoff "Between the Hedges" in Athens.  Y'all, I can't even put into words our excitement.  Now you either know exactly what I'm talking about or you're shaking your heads reading this thinking we are crazy.  We are, we admit it!  We LOVE our Georgia Bulldogs!  Saturday was the day and we were up and on our way to Athens.  We had Brock and Cohen with us for the game and both wanted to be sure we went for the Dawg walk.  We love the first Dawg Walk because Coach Richt comes through with the players.  We got a great spot and had Cohen and Brock right there to high five all the players and Coach Richt as they came through.  And of course Kelly and I got a few high fives ourself! We had ours set on Coach Richt and of course Nick Chubb.  I didn't get pics of the players but I did get one of Brock and Cohen.  Brock has officially reached the age where I have to threaten him to get him to take a picture.

After the Dawg Walk and watching the band march in, we decided we would go on in and get lunch before the game started.  Cohen really wanted to see Uga and the crowd around the car was very slim because the door was shut.  We walked over and the security guard told us they were about to open him back up so we waited.  When they opened the door Kelly and I kept saying how white he was.  We were thinking that we would see Russ, aka Uga IX.  We both knew that this season the new Uga was being introduced but we knew it would be a formal thing at a later game.  We kept looking and the guard confirmed what we thought...this was indeed Que, the dog intended to become Uga X.  Again y'all, this is not just any dog....this is Uga, our beloved mascot!  He is bulldog royalty!  And Que was definitely cute!  Don't you just want to pet that sweet face?!  This particular game was a test to see how he handled all the people and game crowd.  From what we saw he was doing good!

After grabbing our lunch we made our way to our seats to eat and get settled in.  Blake and Kasey soon joined us and we were back at our favorite Saturday spot.  I couldn't help but remember our first game last year.  I was almost 34 weeks pregnant!  I spent a few weeks enjoying those hot games nice and pregnant.  It was nice to be able to wear something cute instead of just what fit!  A year has flown by.  We had a blast at the game and of course enjoyed watching Georgia get that big win.  It was so strange being put under a lightening delay even though we never saw lightening.  But despite the heat, the lightening, and even a short rain shower,  the Dawgs won big and we enjoyed game 1.  Cohen got into the game and even asked a lot of questions about the plays.  I could tell she was making sure she understood some of the basics of the game.  Josie and Lenox were at this game too so she enjoyed being with her friends.   It helped take her mind off the heat!  Brock enjoyed being around his friends too.  I love that our seats are so close to our friends.  Another reason we love game days!  Next weekend we head to Nashville to Vanderbilt!  Road trip!

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