Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Celebrating 50 Golden Years!

Sunday we had a special anniversary party for Denny & Suzy.  They are celebrating 50 years of marriage this week.  50 years is a big deal and deserves a party!  I had a lot of fun planning this party.  They are both very special to me so I wanted them to feel special at their anniversary party.  So many family and friends came by and I think everyone had a good time.  I know everyone got some good laughs at some of the pictures I had dug out.  Pictures are so funny.  I realized during all this that pictures can also be so sad!  It is a tad depressing looking back at old pictures.  On the one hand you feel so blessed to have so many fun and good memories, but sad that those days are over.  I'm in for it because I have a gazillion pictures!  This blog being a main source and all the books I print from it.  Regardless we all had a fun time, shared a few laughs, and really enjoyed eating the yummy cake and sausage balls :)  I hope the "golden" couple felt honored and loved!

The couple of honor was a little early so while we all finished inside they had to sit outside

The memory tree table.  This was my favorite thing!  I chose the memory tree because everyone could write a special memory they had with Suzy and Denny.  I knew they would enjoy reading what each person wrote.  

The oh so pretty cake made by Shannon Dean.  She always does a great job!

This cutie was getting the sweet tea served

& this little cutie was making sure the guest book was signed.  She took that job seriously!  I saw her tracking people down to make sure it got signed.
Guess who had her plate in hand going through the line before the first guest could arrive....

I have to add that earlier in the week Suzy and Denny were getting party ready!  They had been given a gift certificate for pedicures.  I couldn't miss that and I needed my own so we made it a morning.  The couple that has pedis together stays together :)

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