Thursday, September 17, 2015

Celebrating With Bebe!

On Sunday after we got home from Nashville we were excited to get to go to a celebration party for Bebe!  This dinner party was to celebrate Mama being finished with all her chemo treatments and being cancer free!  Woo Hoo!  I can't think of anything better to celebrate.  Mama has had some rough months since her surgery in April and to be finished with everything is a relief to say the least.  My aunt and uncle threw this party for her and I thought it was a great idea!  I know Mama felt so special having her close family and friends there to help celebrate with her.  I caught her in a daze at one point and asked if everything was ok, and she just smiled and said, "yes, I am just so humbled that everyone would come out tonight to be here with me."  I was not Mama is very loved and has some awesome friends and family!  I have seen the love and support poured out over the last 6 months and it is beyond touching.  So we all got together, ate some yummy Mexican food and very yummy cupcakes!  I thought it was such a fun party and everyone seemed to have a fun time.  I loved getting to visit and talk with so many friends.  Its special times like this that I get to see some of them!

I do want to share just a few things I have learned about my mama over these last months...

  1. My Mama has faith and trusts in God!  Over the last 9 years my Mama has had to lean heavily on God because no one else could pull her through the dark times like He can.  How many times she could have questioned him and been angry but she has kept going and kept the faith.  She loves her Lord and does not question His plan.  She said it best Sunday night herself...His plan is perfect!  She said she knew He had a purpose through all of this and hoped she could fulfill His plan for her.  I know she will be a huge impact on others going through similar situations. 
  2. My Mama is a strong and beautiful woman!   I hope I can have half of my Mama's strength.  I can tell you that I would be a huge baby in this kind of situation and maybe she wanted to be at times, but she has held it together and been a tough cookie through all of this.  I watched chemo make her so tired she couldn't walk.  She has been nauseous and lost all taste of food.  That right there is enough to make us all go crazy!  Not only that, but this chemo is like a lot of chemos, and she lost her hair with it.  I remember the day she went to LeAnne and told her to buzz her hair off because it was falling out.  I cried for her and I know she probably cried herself.  Again I did not see those tears because she held it together.  And guess what...My mama rocked her buzz cut and was (and still is) cute as could be.  We had bought cute hats and she rocked them.  Did I expect anything  She is a hot little thing and beauty does not lie in hair alone.  She is living proof.  She does have a hot little wig she rocks too.  Now her hair is starting to come back and it grows so fast but as a woman, I know this had to be a hard thing to go through.  My kids never missed a beat with her hair gone either.  We even let Bryce take a turn trying it on! lol!  Kate was fascinated that Bebe could have hair one minute and not the next but never once did they think a thing about it.  They knew medicine could make Bebe lose some hair for a time but she was still their beautiful Bebe.  The fact that they never really noticed a change tells you she kept it together and going strong.  
  3. We have the best friends and family around!!  I knew this little tidbit already but I have to share it anyway.  I can't really put into words how awesome our friends, family and community have been through all of this.  Its in the tough times that love is poured over you!  Prayers were sent up from so many places!  My blog post proved that by getting shared and being the most read post I have ever posted!  Food was brought in, friends sat with Mama at her chemo treatments, drove her to appointments and so much more!  I have some pretty awesome friends too.  The waifs (Tara, Tina, and Jessica) sent some pretty cute pink shirts for everyone showing their support.  My kids are wearing them in the pictures!  Texts, calls, notes, and just conversations showed the love and support and I am forever grateful to everyone.  
Again, for every prayer that was sent up, thank you!  They were felt and were answered!  God is good!  

Sporting their pink "Waifs for a Cure" shirts!

Thanking everyone for coming :)

There are some crazy guys in the family....

We love Joanne's yummy cupcakes!

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  1. What a special way to celebrate your mom and her being cancer free!!!