Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bryce 4 months

Bryce is now 4 months old!  (4 1/2 really but who's counting right?!)  He is the sweetest little boy!  I love that big smile that shows off all of his gums and he is willing to show it off all the time.  I think he only fusses when he is hungry or when he gets sleepy.  As long as you hold him and snuggle him close, he will go to sleep pretty quick.   I love cuddle time with him and he is pretty spoiled to it himself.  He is starting to "talk" a lot more, especially in the morning.  Kate will even look at me and ask me what he is saying.  He is also staying awake for longer periods.  I love to watch him find new things.  He loves to reach up and touch his toys that hang above his play mat.  There is nothing sweeter than watching a baby learn new things.  He was a little on the small side as far as weight goes when we went for his checkup so he is getting some formula now and some rice cereal!  I knew this was what he was needing so I bet we are going to see even more growth from him!   Here are some things going on with Bryce at 4 months, and an awful lot of pictures!!

  • At his checkup he was 11 lbs 10 oz...barely hitting the scales but we are working on that :)
  • 24 inches long
  • Has started rice cereal in his bottle and is getting more formula too.
  • Has rolled from his stomach to his back but still has not rolled from his back to his belly.  He honestly isn't put down enough.  Does it really matter if they roll?? :)
  • Sleeps all night! Woo hoo!  He may lose his paci and start to wake but I pop it right back in and he is good.  He does still sleep in his rock-n-play in our room.
  • His nursery is almost finished!  Yes we are late but being the indecisive mommy that I am, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted.  We are on the right track now...I think!
  • Can hold his head up really good and can now lay on his belly and hold it up to look around.  I love this too!  
  • Loves his fingers!!  He is a drool machine but no teeth or anything.  He can really soak his shirts though!  I may have to use bibs more with him!
  • Loves to "talk" especially in the morning.  That is his happy time and usually when I can snap some cute pics!
  • Loves to blow bubbles with his mouth.  
  • Loves to be held.  He is spoiled to being held but thats ok!

after rolling over...what did I just do?

Kate was trying to snap a few pics of her own
 His sisters really love him!  Kate a little too much at times!  She can be a little rough.  Notice him eyeing her close!

holding his bottle!

first snow

baby wearing

this is how we get things done around the house!

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