Friday, February 13, 2015

Dog Bones!

Anyone who is friends with me or follows me on Instagram and on Facebook have probably seen the pictures of Kate and her beloved dog bones.  This child is so funny and provides me with so much laughter, which I love!   A while back she a had a few days where she carried a dog bone around with her but Mrs. Lori, her preschool teacher had found it and was able to throw it away.  About 2 weeks ago the bone obsession resurfaced!  We give these little bone treats to Dooley, our dog, when we leave the house and he gets in his crate.  From there Kate started pocketing the bones and while we were driving down the road she would say, "I don't have nuffin" which translates to I have something hidden in my pocket, guess what it is.  I then felt in her pocket and it was a bone.  She would just hold it and smell it.  Gross I know but for some reason she found great pleasure in this.  After that they would start showing up out of nowhere!  I mean she would stow them away in her coat pocket and out they would come when I would least expect it!  At restaurants, in Bryce's car seat, and one morning she even got in the bed with me and out came a bone!  Where that one had been hiding I have no idea!  She has taken them to church with her, one came with us to the doctor's office,  you can see the pattern here.  The funny part is that she will carry one around the house and then come to me saying Dooley keeps following her...wonder why??  She will also taunt him by saying, "no Dooley, you can't have this"  all while dangling the DOG bone over his head.  She is such a hoot that I can't help but laugh at her.  Luckily she does not eat them!  She is starting to recognize some letters of the alphabet, mostly K's, and since the bones say MILKBONE, she has pointed out that they say "Kate Finger".   Its quite funny, like most things she does!  This week the dog bone love reached a whole new level when I was washing clothes and was putting a load in the dryer.  As I put a handful in, I noticed 2 bones in the dryer!  They had to be stuffed in her pockets somewhere!  I guess I will have to be sure to check pockets from now on!  I prefer to find money in the laundry but no luck there, just bones and clean ones at that.
So keep following the pictures in the dog bone saga and get your own laugh!  We will add this little fetish to the list right under mannequins!  I need to make a whole separate post on those, so we will just say to be continued...

Here are some pictures of the dog bone funnies!
Who needs a cookie for lunch when you can smell a bone...I sure wish that worked for me!

bones in the car

Snuggling in the bed...out comes a bone

She even gave Bryce one

Shopping at Wal-Mart and she has her bone with her

at the doctor's office...poor baby even had her bone!

It says "Kate Finger" according to least she recognizes the K

Clean clothes and clean bones

Her snack plate at church on Wednesday night.  Her teacher sent me this!

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