Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Trip to the Post Office

On Wednesday, Kate's preschool class walked to the post office to mail Valentine's.  Our church is only 1 block down from the post office which works out great for the preschool kids because they can take a little walking field trip!  What better time than Valentine's right?!  Each kid got to make a special Valentine for their parents and had them all sealed up ready to mail.  They were so cute!  Each child had their own little bag with money in it for their stamp.  They got to buy it themselves and stick it right on their card, then put the card in the slot to mail.  Most of them could barely reach up to the counter to see!  It was too cute for of course us mamas took lots of pictures!  Kate kept telling me she had made me a "gift card" and it would make me feel better. We forgot to check the mailbox today so I can't wait to let her go with me tomorrow to get the mail.  She will be excited to find her special "gift card" to me in there!  I love these little moments with my sweet girl!

showing me her stamp money

buying her stamp

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