Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snow Days

It was a nice surprise this past week when we had a little snow and few days out of school.  I'm always so skeptical when I hear we have a chance of snow.  The last time we had snow was in 2011 and I was pregnant with Kate!  Monday when I heard we had a good chance of getting snow on Tuesday I was hoping this time it would really happen.  Cohen was very excited because they were all supposed to wear "snow" themed clothes to school on Tuesday with the hopes for an early release day.  Around 5:00 am on Tuesday morning we got the call that school was going to be canceled.  The teachers went for half a day but they didn't want to risk buses not being able to get kids home.  Sure enough around 1:00 it started to snow!  It didn't start to stick for a little while later but we were still excited to see it snowing!  Kate had never seen snow!  I had taken the girls to eat lunch so when we got back home we decided to change clothes and go out and watch the snow.  It had just started to stick to certain things like our little trampoline and basketball goal.  Slowly it started to stick to the ground!  Kelly got home shortly after that and we joined our neighbors for some snow play time!  The kids loved it!  Grace rode the girls on her 4-wheeler, and when Westley got home he rigged up a big sled for all the kids to ride in...the kiddie pool!  They absolutely loved it!  Kate had gone inside at this point because she had been out for a while and was getting cold.  Cohen, Grace, Keyes and Elliott rode for a while and we had a lot of cute videos and pictures.  After the Harbin's pool broke we  pulled ours out from under our porch and went back at it.  It lasted for a little longer but eventually it cracked and broke too.  Looks like a new pool will be needed for summer!  Cohen loved it but she was a little upset when she realized her pool was broke.  I told her we would get a bigger better one for summer! haha!  It was so much fun and on Friday when they went back to school she had drawn a picture of Westley pulling them on the 4 wheeler.   If we happen to get more snow this year we will have to find another sled alternative for everyone to ride all together :)
Getting ready for the snow!

Catching snowflakes

Kate loved the trampoline since it had snow stuck to it first

Riding with Grace

The Harbin's big trampoline had even more snow!!

Ready to ride in the "pool sled".  Westley did do it right...notice the wooden handle they all had to hold

Making snow angels
Snow was still on the ground for a while on Wednesday so we tried to play a little bit more.  This time we got out our little sled that Cohen had got the last time it snowed.  It was melting pretty fast so it was harder to play in but it was still funny.  Cohen and Kate loved me pulling them in the sled.  Of course after one pull it basically left nothing but grass but they didn't seem to mind.  I love hearing my girls belly laugh and this is what they were doing.  It made it all worth it!

I loved getting to spend some extra time with this girl!

Cohen decided she would pull Kate too!

SNOW 2014
Thursday was still no school for Cohen.  We had planned to go see Grannie, Papa, Aunt Vicki, and Aunt Danette in Gainesville.  Vicki and I had planned a shopping trip and even though school was canceled we still decided to go.  The roads had cleared and it was nice to get out.  We did some shopping at the Mall of Georgia.  The girls made a stop at Build-a-Bear and got to spend some money they had from Christmas too.  That store amazes me!  Kate had never been so she was excited for her turn to build a pony.  Cohen chose a kitty that she named Gracie Sparkles.  She was so excited to see Disney costumes for the animals and Gracie is now dressed just like Ariel, when she isn't in her Georgia cheerleading outfit!  We enjoyed our shopping day and especially getting to spend time with Vicki.   I normally avoid shopping with both girls but we had to do it today and they were really very good for me so it worked out great.   It really turned out to be a great little "winter break" for us.
Filling her pony

Filling her kitty

Giving them a bath

We couldn't get out without a ride on the carousel 

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