Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Cohen!!

Today was Cohen's 6th birthday!!  6 on the 6th!  I started the day by getting up early to make Cohen a special birthday breakfast, stuffed french toast.  Funny story...Cohen brought me a bottle of spray glitter and asked me if we were ever going to use that again and so I sprayed a little bit in her hair for a little bit of sparkle.  She then left the room and told me she was going to put on her Cinderella perfume!  I'm thinking "wow, is this 6 or 16?"  She had been quiet for a long time and then she walked back into the room and asked, "Do I not look good?"  I told her I thought she looked great and she said..."Is it too much sparkle?"  She pointed to her hair and as I got closer I saw that she had been putting more glitter in her hair while she was in the bathroom and it was a shiny wet glob in the front of her hair, and boy did it sparkle.  It was so cute and funny the way she asked me.  I took her back to the bathroom, took down her hair, and started to brush out the glob.  It was pretty easy to fix thank goodness and she was excited at how good it smelled.  She tried to convince Keyes to smell how good it was but he passed:).  I love it!  She is so funny sometimes.
Later this afternoon Kate and I took snack to Cohen's class for her birthday.  Everyone sang Happy Birthday.  After snack she got extra playtime on the playground because she was getting to stay after school for a special movie day.  She really wanted Kate to come out too so we went out with her class for a few minutes.  Its always fun to get a peek inside her life at school.
Tonight, we took Cohen to eat for her birthday with our families.  She wanted pizza, her favorite, so we went to Pizza Hut.  She had a lot of fun with everybody and after we ate we all came back to our house for cake and presents.  Sug had made a yummy cake for Cohen!  When we sang to her she just smiled so big.  She's come a long way from her 3rd birthday when she busted out crying when everyone sang to her.  I will never forget that!  She then had fun opening presents from her family!  She got 2 new Lego sets...Cinderella's castle and the Lego Friends barn.  She also got some cute outfits, the Kidz Bop cd she was wanting so bad, money, and Savannah gave her a Frozen necklace.  Kate gave her a new movie and we also gave her some things for her Build a Bear kitty and an Elsa dress from Frozen.  We are going to Disney World next weekend which is her big present and she can wear her dress down there.  She is also having a Frozen birthday party Saturday at Pump It Up.  We are excited about that!  She really enjoyed her birthday and I can't  thank everyone enough who made it special for her and for everyone who sent her birthday wishes!  I read each one to her and let her read some too.  She was all about reading her cards this year because she can read.  What a difference a year makes!  My baby is just growing up so fast!  Here are a few facts about Cohen on her 6th birthday:

  • She is very smart, and I'm not just being the proud Mama.  She loves learning and has really started reading so good. 
  • She loves to read, color, build with her Legos, play games, and do puzzles.  She is really a thinker.  
  • She twirls baton and will actually be competing this year for the first time.  
  • Loves to sing and dance whether it be here at home, in the car, or at choir at church.  
  • She is still my little "oven" and often has to warm up to new situations.  Sometimes things start out rough but she always "warms up" and loves whatever she does.  
  • She has now lost 4 teeth!
  • Wears a size 5 in clothes and shoe size is 11. 
I couldn't be more proud of Cohen and the little girl she has become.  I can't wait to see what 6 has in store for her!!  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!  

Singing to the birthday girl

I think she loved it!

Sweet Cousins ready for cake!

Opening gifts and cards.  

My one picture from dinner...Cohen, Savannah, and Chance.  She loves him!!

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  1. These pictures are precious! I am so happy that Cohen had a wonderful 6th birthday, she is such a sweet and smart little girl. :)