Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowed In!

Like most of the Southeast we have been snowed in for the last 3 days!  We started getting rumors of snow, sleet, and ice on Sunday and watched to see what and how much we might get.  Monday when I picked Cohen up from school we were told that school was canceled for Tuesday already.  Being in the south we tend to be skeptical a lot when the word snow is mentioned but this time it seemed to be very accurate it was just waiting to see if it would be snow or ice!  Tuesday when we woke up it was snowing the biggest snowflakes!  Tuesday we didn't have a whole lot of accumulation but what we did have we got out and played in.  After breakfast we went out to play with Grace, Keyes, and Elliott.  This snow was a lot different from the little we had a couple of weeks ago and this time we could actually make a snowman, even if it did have a lot of grass in it!  Kate was quick to get cold, mainly her hands because she is bad to take her mittens off, so she was getting ready to go inside after a little while.  My mama decided to join us and get snowed in with us so she came over around lunch on Tuesday.  She kept Kate inside while Cohen and I stayed out to help finish the snowman.  After that we came in for the day.  The snow started to melt pretty quick in the afternoon but more was on its way!  Cohen and I made her Valentine's box for school, and we really loved how it turned out, unfortunately school would end up being canceled and she was heartbroken that she would be missing her Valentine's party :(

Cohen & Grace with our snowman/woman
Cohen's Valentine Box

Day 2:
Wednesday we woke up to more snow and it was snowing hard!  Did I mention that Kelly lives to see it snow and not only checks the weather constantly on his phone, or on the T.V., he also gets up in the night to see if its snowing outside and comes to tell me.  The man literally missed his call as a weather man, but to make up for it, he will call his mom to do his best Jim Cantore impression.  She gets into it as much as he does so it goes over really well!  Kelly had worked Tuesday so he was anxious to get out and play.  Westley had also made a great "sled" to play with!  We all get bundled up to go out...which takes longer than it ever should, and pretty much wears me out!  When we get out we all take turns getting rides from Westley.  IT was so much fun!  I even rode with Kate and she seemed to like it pretty well.  I can't decide how she feels about the snow.  She does get cold and that makes her ready to go in but she did have a fun ride on the hood/sled and our little green sled.  It started sleeting which was brutal on us!  The wind would blow it right in your face so when you looked a certain way it would be awful.  I tried to cover every inch of the girls which you can see from the pictures!  After our ride behind the 4-wheeler I took Kate inside with my mom.  She was much happier snuggling on the couch and playing inside.  Cohen wanted to ride with me on Westley's sled but she however did not enjoy it like Kate did.  I think she was afraid she was going to fall out even though she wasn't.  After a little more playing we decided to head back in.  Kelly got to pull people on the 4-wheeler which he loved!  The sleet was tough though and my feet were getting pretty cold!  He took Cohen back out that afternoon but we spent the rest of the day watching the Olympics, playing games, and doing some things around the house.  I really should have taken advantage of this inside time and made a list of things that I needed to do!  

Kate sledding 

Cohen...somewhere in all those clothes!

Westley pulling Kelly 

Guess who each one is??  Kate, Elliott, Cohen, & Keyes
Kate & I going for a ride!

Leslie took this picture of us all...a few of the Gillespie Estates gang!
Day 3:
Thursday we woke up to still a lot of snow on the ground but it wasn't long before the sun was out.  We knew it should melt a lot away today and I was getting pretty ready to see it go.  We ate breakfast and bundled up one last time.  We decided to drive to the ballfields which are just about 1/2 mile from our house and sled down the fun hills there.  This was a lot of fun but the snow was quickly turning to slush in places.  We all took turns sledding down the hills and Mama even got in on this fun.  She and I had a fun run down the hill!  After lunch Mama decided it was time for her to head back home.  We really enjoyed having her here though!  This afternoon cabin fever was starting to set in for me.  We went out to play with Grace, Keyes, and Elliott, and all of us built a snow fort.  Cohen really got into this and took her snow shoveling job seriously!  I got this picture of everyone in the fort:)  You can see how slushy things are getting, but the fort was pretty good!

Tonight we went out to eat with the Harbin's.  We were all pretty ready to venture out even if it was close by.  Turns out we saw several of our other neighbors too!  The Chitwood's came and joined us and we also saw the Shaver's even though Jason was just picking theirs up to go.  We gave him a big Happy Birthday though!  Today was Jason's birthday and it was also my Nanny's!  We couldn't get down to see her today but we will later for sure.  Now we will look forward to next's week winter break!  Even though we just had about a week off!  Next week we head to Orlando to Disney World so I'm really looking forward to the warmth!  And most of all...running next weekend's race with my girls!! 

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