Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Light Switch Ghost

This is a quick story about Kate, but one that I definitely want to remember.  We go through spells here at our house where the girls might come to our bed in the middle of the night.  Cohen has learned and will usually wake me up wanting one of us to come lay with her in her bed.  She used to grab a blanket and would just lay in the floor beside our bed without even waking us up.  Kate on the other hand comes to my side of the bed and starts trying to climb in.  Normally I am half out of it, and really just wanting to go back to sleep so I grab her up and put her in the middle of us and back to sleep we both go.  I'm sure plenty of you parents out there can so relate to this!  Well she has done this the last few nights and we tell her each night to be sure she stays in her bed.  Well last night was a first on Kate's middle of the night tricks!  Sometime in the middle of the night the light in her room comes on...the overhead BRIGHT light.  There was no sight or sound of Kate so it really freaked me out.  I went to the bathroom and then went to investigate.  Well Kate was fast asleep in her bed and so was Cohen.  I turned the light off and went back to bed.  I woke Kelly up though because it bothered me. He was half asleep and couldn't comprehend that I wanted to know who turned the light on.  He kept saying, "the light isn't on."  Of course then it wasn't, I had turned it off!  I told him that the girls were asleep and Kate couldn't even reach the switch anyway.  I mean in the middle of the night I'm wondering if God is trying to send me a sign of some kind!  Well I go back to sleep and I don't know how much time goes by but we are woken up again to a light coming on and shining in our face.  (our bedrooms are all on the same end of the house).  This time I thought I heard Kate but Kelly got up this time to turn it off and sure enough she was in her bed sleeping.  Since we went right back to sleep you can guess we were too tired to be real concerned but Kelly did say he thought about walking through the house to make sure no one was in it...the light switch ghost.  Well to sum it up I asked Kate this morning if she was turning her light on in the night and she nods her head yes.  So I ask her to show me how she could reach the light and this is how she did it....who knew a 2 year old would be asleep (maybe?), climb on her trash can to turn on her light.  The reason, I have no idea.  Culprit found!  Lets pray for sleep tonight...uninterrupted sleep!

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