Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hot Chocolate 5K

Saturday afternoon was the start to a little girls trip!  Six of us girls who run together and are just great friends headed to Atlanta for the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k.  We were all doing the 5k together.  Dawn and I did the race last year and even though it is an early start we had a blast and wanted to do it again.  This time we made it a girls trip and we had a blast.  We finally made it to the expo to pick up our packets on Saturday.  I think there were several things going on around the World Congress building, but we were all thanking our lucky stars that we didn't have to deal with that traffic on a daily basis.  You take things for granted sometimes in these small towns!  We got our packets complete with our cute half-zip jackets, and headed to eat.  Again it took so long to get somewhere because I'm convince in Atlanta there's no easy way to get where your going.  We ate and headed to our hotel to check in.  This year we were staying right at Turner Field so we would be able to wake up and walk down to the race.  No traffic!  We learned that from last year.  After killing ourselves laughing that night we settled in for some sleep before waking up early.  I have to say the laughing and fun we have is what we do these trips for.  It is so much fun!
We woke up around 6:30 Sunday morning and got ready.  We walked down and headed to our corral and didn't have to stand around too long before the race started.  We had shopped on Thursday to make sure we were ready for this cold morning and it really wasn't bad at all.  Last year it was in the 60s and we knew we couldn't be so lucky this year.  It went great though!  In my age group I was 79th out of 1215 so I was excited with that.  I think I was 1154 out of 9138 females.  I'll take it!  Now we are all preparing for our Disney run next month...bring on the fun.  I love these ladies!
Hot Chocolate Expo 
Trying on our masks for the race...lets just say this led to a lot of laughs!!

Ready to Run!

And finished!

Headed home!

We love the good photo bombers in the back!

Breakfast of champions afterwards...Cracker Barrel

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