Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cohen's 6th Birthday Party

Cohen has been so excited about her 6th birthday party.  Being a winter baby its always hard to find a good place to have her party.  The one good thing about her getting older is she can tell me now what kind of party she wants to have.  This year she decided pretty quick that she wanted a Frozen party, and she also wanted to have it at Pump It Up in Athens.  I was excited because Pump It Up is so entertaining for kids and I knew they would have a lot of fun.  I thought it would be fairly easy to go with the Frozen theme too, but little did I know that a lot of other people may have had the same idea because Party City sold out of the supplies so fast.  Luckily we had started to plan early in January so I was able to get plates, napkins, and those types of things.  
Cohen was so excited that it was time for her party!  Friday night Josie came and spent the night with us.  The girls stayed up making bracelets with their names on them, but once they were finished they went to bed pretty easy.  

Making bracelets

I had told them we would have an early morning.  We got up and packed everything into the car and headed to Athens.  Everything went great!  The kids played and jumped in all the inflatables for a little over an hour.  Everyone seemed to have a blast, even the little ones.  I was very impressed with how organized everything was and the staff took care of everything.  We set our things down and then went to enjoy the party.  They set it all up, food and all, and even handled her opening presents.  She had decided she wanted to wear her Elsa dress when she opened her presents.  She even got to sit in the big inflatable throne.  I can't thank everyone enough for coming and celebrating with us.  Cohen had so much fun and it was really a special day for her.   And I can't say enough about how easy, organized, and great to work with Pump It Up was.  
Kate enjoyed the slides too!

Ella Grace, Cohen, & Josie...I think their faces say it all.  

Cohen & Kaylyn
 Cohen had decided that 2 things she really wanted was cupcakes and ice cream with sprinkles.  These were her cute cupcakes.

I could not get over how adorable these cake pops were.  Angie is absolutely the best!  It amazed me how these looked so much like Olaf.  And they were delicious too, as always!

Cohen & Rylie 
Josie, Brooke, and Cohen

My sweet birthday girl
Sweet friends!
Ready for presents

After we left we had some errands to run in Athens, then we ate lunch at Cohen's choice, Cook-Out.  The girls loved having a very big drink with 3 straws in it ;)
Kate of course found a mannequin while we were shopping and as always had to have her picture made with it.  This little habit is still going strong every time we are out!


  1. So much I love about this post! Her party looked so fun and I know she had a blast. I love that Kate likes her picture taken with the mannequins and lastly...we LOVE Cook-out, too! We go every time we are at the lake. So yummy. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! Can't believe they are getting so big!

  2. Wow! A Frozen-themed party is probably one of the cutest themes nowadays. And from the looks of it, Cohen had a very nice time, what will the costumes and cake. Anyway, it seems like the kids had a lot of fun that day, especially while playing on the slide. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

    Kathrin Trujillo @ Slide A Lot