Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A waif reunion weekend

This weekend I got to see some of my favorites from N.C. and Pennsylvania-Tina, Tara, and Jessica (or the waifs).  The girls came to visit us in GA and we had a blast catching up and of course just laughing at everything.   We had not been together since Tara's wedding in September, way too long.  When we get together we are guaranteed a fun time with lots of laughs.  I took the girls to Commerce to do a little shopping and for a merry-go-round ride for Cohen and Jessica...


I guess your never too old for a ride:) Jessica is such a good sport with Cohen even though it may have been her idea to ride :)

After the girls went to bed we were able to play Kelly's new favorite game he got for Valentine's, Wits and Wagers, and we had so much fun laughing.  To me there is nothing better than laughing so hard you cry.  I wish I had that every day!  I love it!
What I didn't know would happen was selling my car!  Tina was in need of a car (on the days she doesn't ride her bike, of course) and we had one to sell and guess what, we did!  Tina decided to change her flight plans and take the Trailblazer back home!  Waifs are also good for buying/selling cars.  I get so attached to things and that includes my car so I am so happy to know it will have a good home!!  I can only hope it is as good of a car for Tina as it was for me.  Hubby washed and vacuumed the car out and then we headed off to Greenville to take Tina to drop off her rental.  What a fun weekend we had, and I'm already counting down to our next one, so waifs lets make it soon!!
Tara & Kate, who is amazed at the bubbles in front of her

Jess found her some new sunglasses in the trailblazer...I threw them in when Tina bought the car

Signing over the title

Waifs always do business on their bikes

One more group shot! Love them :)

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