Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patrick's Day and Bubble Fun

 Friday we celebrated St. Patrick's Day at school, which I must say, we play this holiday up a whole lot more now than when I was in school.  We used to wear green to avoid being pinched and that was about it.  Now we go all out with the leprechaun messing up our class and then going on a hunt for his treasure!!  The kids were so excited when they came into the classroom Friday to find our room in a mess which meant the leprechaun had been there!  We have been reading a few books about St. Patrick's Day.  Cohen on the other hand asked me to hold her immediately because she did not like the thought of a leprechaun being in our class.  I assured her he was long gone now and then had to assure her that our doors were locked at home and he would not be making a mess at our house.  We had a leprechaun hunt next leading to the leprechaun's hat with gold in it.  It was a lot of fun for the kids and needless to say they were wild the  rest of the day.  All weekend though we have had to hear Cohen tell everyone to lock their doors so the leprechaun can't get in.  Friday when she spent the night with Savannah, Aunt Sara had to tell her the alarm was on so the leprechaun couldn't get in and if he tried the alarm would go off.  Yesterday when I was getting her at my mom's house I found the door locked because they were keeping the leprechaun out.  Maybe it wasn't a good idea to play this holiday up more :)
Cleaning up the leprechaun's mess

Reading the leprechaun's clues

Running for the clue

We have really been enjoying this nice spring weather.  I only hope it is here to stay!  We have been playing outside and Kate gets to sit in her walker.   We have to keep her a little contained because she will put any and everything into her mouth.  I call her my little billy goat.  She is a mess for sure!  She does love bubbles though!  She will scrunch up her face when we start to blow them and just laugh.  Its so cute watching her try to catch and touch them.  I love watching a baby learn new things.  It has to be one of the most precious things.  She went on her first wagon ride this week too and loved it!  I know we have lots of those in store!

Trying to catch one

I love this face!!
Big sister having fun too!!

 Cohen playing with her princess ball game...we have some work to do before playing ball one day :)


  1. What Fun! I love the St. Patrick's idea...I'll have to do that next year! Love the pics of your sweet girls! Love Susan

  2. Harper was scared of the thought of a leprechaun coming in her room, too. Those pictures of Kate with the bubbles are precious!