Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cohen and her "plugs"

If Cohen loves anything its dancing and singing.  She LOVES to sing to the radio when we are in the car and she really gets into it.  Kelly and I keep saying how we have got to record her singing in the car because her facial expressions are priceless.  She has always been a big Taylor Swift fan and now that has expanded to just about anything I listen to.  When we get in the car she knows what she wants to hear and fortunately we have bluetooth on the new car but sometimes I don't always want to hear what she does.  I told her recently that I would give her one of my old iPods and she was so excited.  I was getting it charged  up and all she kept asking me was "can I have my plugs?"  "can I listen to my plugs now?"   It really cracked me up because I never mentioned the ear phones and I wouldn't have called them plugs but she did.  Today she asked about her "plugs" and the iPod was finally charged and loaded with all her favorite songs.  Cohen is now set and this is all I've seen this afternoon...

singing hard

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated my Mama's birthday and I just realized I never posted the picture I took on the night we celebrated.  This is my mama with my girls and 2 of my sister's boys.  She is missing Chance, Paula's middle son.  You can see that even Dooley worked his way into the picture a little bit which is good since he is the spoiled grand-dog. I think she had a good birthday and enjoyed celebrating with everyone.  She got to drag it out a week or so too which is always the best way!

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