Monday, March 26, 2012

Donuts with Dad!

Friday was Donuts with Dad at the preschool.  Cohen loves donuts, and we have special outings to Mac's Donuts pretty frequently, but there's something special about being able to bring Daddy to school.  All of the kids love to have their Dads at school.  In fact its really tough on them when everything is over and Daddy heads off to work.  I think I had 3 to cry this year.  Cohen was excited to get to give Kelly the rock she had made him (we decorated rocks to look like Dad and then on the gift bag wrote "Dad, You Rock"). She got a double treat because while I was busy cleaning up I talked Kelly into reading to the class :) I had to leave early from school to make it to my doctor's appointment then on to Kate's 9 month check-up.

Speaking of Kate, we had her "official" 9 month check up today.  Dr. Setia said she was "perfect!"  She did awesome with her 1 shot.   Its so sad to watch them be so happy and then when the shot goes in its awful.  I'm glad it was only 1 today.  While we were waiting for Dr. Setia to come in she was all over the room!  I don't remember Cohen being so curious and into quite as much.  I was running out of things to do with her.  She is too funny though.  There is definitely not a dull moment with Kate!  Here are her stats from her check-up:

Height-27 1/2 inches (25-50%)
Weight-18 lbs 3 oz (50%)
HC-17 3/4 inches (75-90%) 

She is really growing so fast.  We have just lowered her baby bed since she can pull up.  It is so cute each morning to watch her sit up then peek over the bed rail and then stand.  I had to get this on camera!
She has been having some good nights lately where she sleeps through the night.  Otherwise we are getting up once to feed her but she does go right back to sleep.  She takes a good morning nap and usually a good afternoon nap and she will nap good in her swing.  She does this with Suzy so we do the same thing here at home on the days I'm here all day.  Her swing faces the window, so I raise the blinds and let her look outside just like she does at Suzy's house.  Whatever works!  She continues to be a precious baby, we couldn't have asked for better.  Even though she is full speed ahead and into everything, her laid back, happy personality makes it all worth it!

Playing outside and she had to hold her hairbrush!

                                                                                                 always a smile at the end!

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