Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kate Daniels-9 months

I can't believe I'm typing Kate's 9 month post.   I feel like I just did the 8 month.  These months are passing way too fast.  I also haven't been blogging as much or it feels that way but not because there is a lack of things going on for sure.  Kate recently turned 9 months old and I waited a week to make this post thinking I would get a chance to sit with her and make some cute pictures but so far I haven't done that.  We also haven't went for her official 9 month check-up but I didn't want to wait for that since it is still a couple of weeks away.  We did make a Dr's visit this week because she has battled such a bad cold and runny nose.  It turned out to be a cold and also an ear infection.  I hate when she is all stuffed up because that is just a helpless feeling.  She just takes it like a champ though.  I've said this many many times but Kate has to be the happiest little girl ever!  This baby is like sunshine to me and she is always full of smiles.  
I'm glad I waited a few days too because Kate just yesterday pulled up for the first time.  She started crawling last month and that is the one thing that feels like it happened a while back.  She is a little mover!  I get a workout chasing her around.  Kate loves to get into anything she isn't supposed to be in, my plants (she loves to eat leaves and dirt or at least put them in her mouth), the dog's food and water, the fireplace, dog toys, and her most favorite is finding any teeny tiny speck of something in the floor to try to pick up and eat.  I call her my little goat.  She loves to eat food but she still has NO teeth.  I've been told that the longer it takes the better the teeth so I'm not worried at all.  In a playroom full of toys Kate tends to play with Daddy's drum set, cd covers or to try to pull up at Cohen's little picnic table.  I've told Cohen we have to make sure we pick everything up now since Kate will eat it.   I'll hopefully have more pictures to post soon and will definitely put an update after her check-up, but here is all about Kate now at 9 months:
  • Weight-18 lbs 8 oz
  • She is now pulling up!
  • Into EVERYTHING, and this baby girl moves very fast
  • Wears 6-9 mos. or 6-12 mos. depending on the brand
  • Has enough hair now for a bow and can't do headbands anymore
  • Loves to "talk" and will wave her hands a lot or do a little "point" gesture with her fingers
  • Sleeps through the night some nights, but most of the time will wake up to take a bottle once and that's usually around 5:00 am
  • Is so happy and laid back. I would have several more babies if I were guaranteed they would be this good!!

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