Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Break Through

Tonight I felt Kate's first tooth!  It has just barely broke the skin and you can feel it just a tad but it is definitely her first tooth.  Her lower left front tooth.  She is one week away from the big 10 month mark which makes my heart hurt because it is flying by at such a rapid pace.  She really has done well with teething.  Today she has had a massive amount of drool but that is it.  She is still her happy go lucky self.  I snapped a few cute pictures of her tonight after her bath.  She was crawling around and leaving a drool trail everywhere but all with a big smile on her face.   You can see how shiny her skin is from all the drooling.  I love my sweet pea!

1 comment:

  1. I know I say this on almost every post, but your girls are just so beautiful!!! Glad her tooth finally cut through and even more happy to hear that she is taking it in stride. Hudson, on the other hand, is getting more teeth and not thrilled about it. He is one big fussy mess so enjoy your sweet happy teether. :-)