Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Cohen!

Monday was the big day, Cohen's 4th Birthday!  I think she had a great day and really enjoyed herself all day long.  She started her day off with breakfast in bed which she chose to have in our bed :)  She did ask me to share with her which I thought was super sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing french toast sticks with her.   It really started both our days off great.

Monday is school day and this day was our field trip to the post office.  Last week the kids made Valentine's to mail to their parents.  We walked to the post office which is only a block down from the church.  After buying stamps, the kids got to pick out a stamp and put it on their Valentine and then drop their card off in the mail slot.  They were full of questions, like "how is the mail man going to get mine?" and "where is it going in that hole?"  I know they will be so excited when their Valentine shows up in their mailbox at home.  When we left to walk back we saw the mail man delivering mail to the local businesses so that was very exciting to see his truck and to get to wave to him.  I love experiencing these moments through their eyes.

Putting the stamp on her letter 

After we got back we had a party for Cohen's birthday.  Kelly came and we all had brownies and cupcakes (her requests).  We spent the rest of the day at home until later that evening and then we headed out to Cohen's favorite restaurant...the Pizza Shack!  She gets that one honest because we all love the Pizza Shack.  She even loved blowing out her candle on her dessert pizza.  After dinner it was back to the house to finish opening her presents.  Sug & Pop had came by before we ate to give her their big gift which was a jr. trampoline!  She loves jumping on the trampoline at Suzy's house so now she has a small one to jump on here at home.  She jumped right in and went to jumping!  It was a big hit!  I think we really wore her out because tonight she was asleep at 6:00.  So I will either have a very long night ahead of me or she will be well rested tomorrow!  Happy Birthday my precious Cohen, you are a blessing and of course my sunshine!
showing off her new "jewelry" 

Following the long string which led to the trampoline

All she was was a jumping blur!

Baby girl loved the ribbons!
Cohen wanted Savannah to help her with the gifts.  Sweet girls!

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