Friday, February 10, 2012

Kate Daniels-8 months

This post is a few days late, but with all of the birthday festivities I didn't want it to get lost in the mix.  Not only did Cohen have a birthday party last Saturday, but we had another little "birthday" that same day and that is Kate was 8 months old.  Another month has flew by and my baby has changed so much.  Kate is now officially a crawler!  She has been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth but would always fall back down to her belly.  Not anymore!  This week on Tuesday she took off and hasn't slowed down since.  We are learning real quick that the house now has to be "baby-proofed"and fast.  Cohen didn't crawl quite this fast.  She was a little navy seal and stayed on her belly but curious Kate is into everything.  It is precious though.  She still has no teeth though.  We are convinced that she is close due to a few bad nights here recently.  Even without teeth though it hasn't stopped her interest in table food.  She loves to try our food and I find myself a little more laid back with her than I was with Cohen. I'm such a nut about choking so that's good for me :)  Kate is still a Mama's girl and it gets more intense each day.  She wants me to hold her whenever I'm in the room.  Yesterday I had to put her in the Bjorn to get clothes folded and she fell asleep in it.  She even will say ma ma ma ma when she sees me so I'm thinking this will have to be her first word!  (Love)  She has learned to wave too!  Her favorite person to wave to is herself in the mirror. We play a game with the mirror in our foyer and each time she sees herself she will throw her hand up and make a sound like "Ayyyyy".  Just this week she has also started making this little funny, wrinkled up face when she sees something she wants.  Mainly for her bottle or food but it is really funny and I hope to catch a picture of it soon.
Cohen had gymnastics yesterday and it was not my day to drive so I was able to have some picture play time with Kate.  I never take what I would call "formal" pictures of my own kids, its always snapshots so I feel better getting a few of Kate.  I still want to do some of Cohen as well since she just turned 4.   We're going to hold off for another warm spurt in the weather so we can go outside.  I also want to do some 8 month comparisons between Kate and Cohen so that will be an upcoming post.  I have some of the same outfits so I'll play around with that.  In the meantime enjoy these of sweet baby Kate!

At 8 months Kate...

  • Last week weighed 17 lbs 12 oz
  • Is CRAWLING and into everything
  • Still has no teeth...yet
  • Loves her baby food and the table food we let her have.  Loves Puffs and Mum-mums.
  • Suzy takes her to Burger King at least once a week to visit with the breakfast crowd, and from what I hear she is a big hit with everyone.
  • Sleeps good most of  the time.  We have had some rough nights lately but I think a bad cold and teething is a big reason.
  • Is waving!
  • Loves her reflection
  • Wears 6 months or 6-9 months mostly
  • Enjoys her stroller when we can get out
  • Still loves Dooley and we have to watch to make sure she isn't too grabby with him.
She was great yesterday for me to snap a few pictures and almost posed for me!


more posing!

Posing with a wave!

I had to get her sweet face crawling right at me.  too cute! 

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  1. I love the pictures! She is so beautiful and you are so talented. Time is flying by with the babies of ours.