Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Whole Bunch of Randoms

In our house the camera (or the iPhone) is always close by and handy so we can snap pictures of any funny or cute moment that might arise, and with 2 children they always DO!  These pictures may not get a blog post and I am terrible about posting pictures to facebook even though with Instagram I'm getting a little better.  These pictures may not matter as much to anyone other than us but I still thought it would be fun to do a blog post on several of the random pictures I've taken over the past month.  Some with my phone some with my camera.  As a mom I could take a picture of my girls every day even if its just because I think they look cute in their clothes, thats what us moms do :)  I'm proud to show my babies off and I love all of these cute day to day moments.
Dancing with Daddy...they have their own "special" routine
Striking a pose after her dance

Trying to learn to blow up a balloon.  

Enjoying a beautiful day outside...keep the warm weather coming ;)  Kate was in her "Car" for the 1st time

Getting her back scratched...she loves to be tickled

Loving some bread!

This was Kate's wild hair one morning
Cohen had a little static from the trampoline

The smile I love so much!

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