Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gym Dawgs!

Last Friday night Cohen got to experience her first GymDawgs meet in Athens.  We had a girls night out with several of our friends and it was so much fun!  I love watching the Gym Dawgs and have always loved going to see them and since Cohen now takes gymnastics I thought it would be fun for her to see them too.  She was just as excited about the dance music at the beginning of the meet.  She told me that she wanted to be a dancer, cheerleader and a gymnast when she went to this school.  Ambitious!  Half way through the meet though she had crawled up in my lap and went to sleep so I'm not sure how the gymnastics goal is going to work out :)  The next time we go I'll be sure she has a nap earlier in the day!  She did like what she saw though and I really enjoyed it.  Its always fun to watch the Gym Dawgs win and that's just what they did!
Cohen & Josie

Taking everything in 

Halfway through the meet this is what had happened

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