Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a very nice Valentine's Day.  We started our day going to story time at the library and Cohen made a Valentine's bracelet and the kids all exchanged Valentine's and had snacks. After lunch I had to run to Commerce for some things and the girls were good for me the whole time.  Cohen always enjoys Commerce because of all the merry-go-rounds and little cars she can sit in.  So far she still only thinks the Merry-go-round is the one that moves and I've always wondered how long this would last.  I'm sure not much longer and then she will want money to put in all of them!  I think its so cute.  For Valentine's night we all went to spend it with my Mama, my sister and my nephews.  Kelly and I had been on our Valentine date on Sunday night when we went to the movies to see The Vow so it was nice to spend it with my family.    
When Kelly got home he had a Valentine for Cohen from him since I had already given the girls their Valentine's from me.  Cohen opened her card and loved his picture that he drew for her and then just looked at him and said "What else do you have me, this is just a card?" You can see she had already opened a few cards with treats earlier in the day. We both laughed but then had a big conversation with her on how you don't always get presents for every holiday and how she needs to learn to be thankful for what she gets and already has.  Kelly did give her a little basketball goal to put on the back of the door for them to play with.  I do love her excited face when she opens something even when she has no idea what it is:)  
Making her bracelet at the library

My sweet Valentines!

Cohen & "her Valentine" as she told me

Reading her card from Daddy

This is her telling him "this is just a card"

This is the face I excited but not sure what exactly it is

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