Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Kate's First (Loose) Tooth

My sweet Kate has now lost her very first tooth.  I hate when my kids lose their cute, straight,  little baby teeth, but yesterday Kate lost her tooth.  This tooth has been loose for a little while now so I knew it was coming.  Sunday night it was hanging by one tiny root and we tried pulling it then but decided to hold off another day.  Yesterday after lunch she was playing with Nolan and she came running back to my bathroom to tell me the tooth had come out.  I think she was shocked and excited, but anytime there is blood she is a bit freaked out.  She got excited though and was really looking forward to showing Cohen.  Today she had to take her tooth to school to show all of her friends.  The tooth fairy did visit last night though and she was so excited.  I think showing the tooth off was more exciting than the money though.  Both my girls are really into showing off their lost teeth!  I feel like Kate is just growing up so fast.  Pretty soon she will be losing more of those cute little teeth and getting those big permanent ones.  Between this and next week's kindergarten registration, this mama is going to have a moment or 20!

Last pictures with all her baby teeth!

My little snaggle tooth

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