Thursday, March 9, 2017

Disney Day 3: Magic Kingdom

We had to do a little changing around on our plans for Tuesday because the chance of rain for Wednesday was 90%!  When we planned our trip we were not doing park hoppers so that meant we were at the same park all day each day.  That was not a problem but we all know that we can plan and plan and plan and sometimes nothing goes as planned!  Since the chance of rain fell on wednesday which was our day planned for Magic Kingdom, we wanted to go to Magic Kingdom on Tuesday now to be sure we had a pretty day at Magic Kingdom.  That park is THE park you go to Disney for and it is the favorite!  On Monday night we made our decision to cancel our Hollywood Studio plans and fast passes and head to Magic Kingdom.  We had a breakfast reservation to start the day at O'Hana.  So Tuesday morning we plan to go to MK, hop on the monorail and go to breakfast at the Polynesian.  Well fitting with the other plans for the day things didn't work out and due to transportation problems we were running late and the monorail was having maintenance!  After sitting on it for what seemed like forever we decided to just skip out on the reservation and try to make the best of the situation and go on into MK to grab something quick for breakfast.  We were all a little bummed because not only were we losing our sit down character meal, but we were pretty sure getting a new reservation would not happen.  When we got inside we were taking some pictures at the castle and I asked Kelly to just go over to the Crystal Palace to see if they might have anything and it was our lucky day because they did!  Seating 11 can be a task but they gave us 2 tables side by side and it worked out so good.  This was even better because the characters at the Crystal Palace are Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore.  These are Pop and Sug's favorites!   We couldn't have written a better plan if we had tried/planned!  I love how God works out even the small problems.  This meal was one of our favorites, and one of the best.  I'm so glad our plans were completely messed up and changed so that we could get new better ones!  
Someone was all smiles ready to start the day

Notice that Bryce was not having any pictures this particular morning...His face tells it all

Since Sug calls Pop Eeyore it was only fitting to get their picture together

After breakfast we started our park fun.  We rode rides and met Cinderella and Elena.  I think seeing Bryce meet Elena was about the sweetest thing ever.  He had already been precious meeting Belle in Enchanted Tales with Belle but meeting Elena was even sweeter.  He was mesmerized with her and she got down and danced with him.  A true Prince Charming!

Blurry, but so much fun riding Under the Sea!  Bryce loved the rides!

 He was pointing at everything on "Its A Small World"

Attempting a group selfie
My friend Tara got to come up for the day on Tuesday and have some fun with us.  She was waiting on us when we got off of "Its a Small World".  I was so happy she could come hang out!  It was getting close to lunch time and the kids were starting to tire out so everyone was going back for a little nap and lunch.  Tara and I were going to stay on at the park and ride some fun rides.  We did have to battle long wait times.  Some longer than we thought since we didn't read the sign right but it was fine because I loved getting to catch up with her.  And waifs can make waiting a lot more fun!
Add in a dole whip and everything is good!

Kelly and everyone else met back up with us that night.  We rode a few more rides and got to watch the fireworks.  Tara had to leave to get back to Daytona and we stayed and closed the park down.  Its always amazing at how much you can do late at night when the lines get shorter!
One cute thing, when the first firework burst, Bryce quietly just laid his head down on me and kept his eyes shut tight the entire time.  He is not a fan of the noise but instead of crying or saying anything he is just so sweet and cuddles up.  I took advantage of the snuggle time for sure!  

I never get tired of this view!

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