Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kate's First Basketball Season

I'm doing some blogging catch up this week and couldn't leave out Kate's first basketball season.   This year she was old enough to play basketball and since she has been our little sporty girl so far we decided to try basketball too.  I'm not so sure she loved it but I know she had fun playing.  It is a much harder sport to learn and understand so I think if she will play again she will enjoy it more as she learns it better.  We knew all this going into it but it was still so fun to watch her each game.  By the end of the season I saw a lot of improvement in her dribbling and some other things.  She never quite could get the ball in for a basket but she did get some rebounds and did like dribbling.  I think her favorite part of basketball was having both of her best friends on her team-Nolan and Addison.  She provided me with some good laughs each game because no matter what she was always very concerned with her Gatorade drink and would even come out onto the court while the game was going on, and ask her Daddy to open her drink.  Once I had given her 2 drinks, one for her and one for Addison, and told her to be sure to give Addison her drink.  Well Kate took her job seriously and while it was Addison's turn to be on the court playing, Kate went out on the court to her and wanted to show her that she had her drink.  We would get so tickled watching her worry about those drinks.  It was a fun season and the team really had a good season.  And while Kate had fun she did tell me she was ready now for soccer so that is what we are moving on to now.  Hello spring and hello soccer!
1st game

Cade & Cohen watching Kate and Nolan

last game & trophies!

Go Lions!

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