Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bryce's "A Year Has Flown By" Birthday Party

Rewind to one week ago (because I'm late getting this posted).  I'm blaming it on my denial that Bryce is one and that we have been so busy this week!  We had Bryce's first birthday party last Saturday and looking outside today it makes me wish we had waited a week!  LOL!  It was a nasty day but we were ready to celebrate regardless.  I chose an airplane theme for his birthday using the saying's "the year has flown by" and "time flies".   I find this extremely appropriate!  I do feel like I just had Bryce but I have a wonderful year of sweet memories that I will cherish forever.  We had our family and friends over to eat and party for Bryce.  We decided on italian food for the occasion and I think Bryce was thrilled because spaghetti has made its way to the top of his favorites list.  We ate, sang, watched him eat his cake and enjoyed celebrating our little man.  A big thanks to everyone who came out in the gross rain and partied with us.  Luckily we had Bryce's cute face to help take our minds off of the also gross Georgia game.

I loved this!  A big thanks to Denny & Jessica for helping me do this!

Bryce loved being the star of the show!

We had a few photo props to have some fun with.

I love the photo bomber in this picture!

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