Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dear Bryce...It's Your 1ST Birthday

I honestly cannot believe I'm writing this post.  One year ago I was getting ready to meet my sweet baby!  I had no clue if you would be a boy or girl but I it didn't take me long to know because the gigantic smile across your Daddy's face said it all.  So many people had told me they hoped we had a boy, or that maybe the third time would be the charm.  I really did not care what we had but I felt some definite pressure that we needed a boy.  "Every man wants a boy." How many times did I hear that.  What they didn't tell me was how much a Mama would enjoy a boy.  It had often crossed my mind that I wouldn't know what to do with a boy.  How could I love a boy like I loved my girls?  Maybe I was just made for girls, but on October 9, 2014 I became the mom to you, the most precious, happiest, sweetest BOY I know.  No one prepared me that a little man would steal my heart in a way I could never imagine.  That is just what you have done.  This past year has been amazing!  You 3 kids are by far the biggest blessings I have ever received and I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mom.  I have to remind myself that you are each His children but He has allowed me the honor of being your Mama!
From day 1 you have been my very own cuddle buddy.  How I loved having you to snuggle with.  So much so that when you didn't like your bassinet, I would lay you in my arm and sleep with you.  Even after getting the best invention ever, the rock-n-play, I was the one who was spoiled to sleeping with you.  I did finally let you sleep there but you slept there for months!  I was the one who spoiled and didn't want to move you to your own room.  People laugh that the babies get spoiled but you spoiled me.  I don't know exactly when it happened, but eventually you become mobile and curious and our cuddle time became shorter because you had to explore.  But no matter what you have always been a Mama's boy and wanted me to hold you. And I was happy to of course.
The love that so many people have for you is out of this world.  I mean you might be one of the most loved little boys ever.  It's probably that big gummy smile you have for everyone you meet.  Or maybe those beautiful baby blues you have.  You get complimented on those quite a bit.  You are just so darn happy!  You have been held, kissed on, hugged, and plain out loved on by all of our family and friends.  It's quite funny how much you love men!  Pop or Denny can walk into a room far from you and you can pick up on their voice immediately and start shaking those little arms and legs.  You almost walked to Westley last week!  Of course you love the ladies in your life too but it cracks me up watching you and how you are drawn to certain people.
You know what else I love, the interaction between you and your sisters.  They love you so much.  I get to watch playtime now between you and Kate each day and it makes my heart melt.  You have been her "baby rice", Bwycee, and now Bwyce Bwyce".  You guys are going to have a special bond I know.  Cohen has loved showing you off since day 1.  I have pictures of you on the playground at the elementary school with her, surrounded by her 1st grade friends.  You are like a shiny new toy for her.   These 2 are so excited to celebrate your birthday this weekend too.
I'm going to wrap this little letter up now because if not I'm going to sit all night and cry my eyeballs out.  You will learn that your mama will do this on every birthday.  We are going to celebrate Saturday and while you probably will never remember a second of it, I hope that this and all the million pictures I take will give you a glimpse of how loved and how special you are.  I can't wait to make more memories with you little man and I cherish each one we made this past year.  You may be my last baby which only makes these special times harder for me but believe me, I will have the biggest smile on my face and be enjoying every precious second .  I love you sweet Bryce and I thank you for one of the best years I've ever had!  You have made our little family complete!

A little trip down memory lane...
 this was love at first sight for sure!

I can't help but laugh when I see this picture.  Our best friends were all going on a surprise birthday trip for Alan and while they were surprising him in Florida, I was keeping them updated on the baby status! We were all texting back and forth until I had to stop of course to have the baby!  Well when I picked my phone back up to let them know you had been born I see this picture with the caption, "laugh that baby out".  I love my frands!  All these guys have been a big part of your laugh this year...since day 1!  

Since most every picture I have taken has been on this blog throughout this past year I'll stick to these cute pictures we did last week.
Bryce at 1 YEAR OLD! You rocked your pictures with Mommy and you LOVED some birthday cake!

This cracked me up...Daddy was so willing to help especially to show you how to go in face first.  The fact that he loves birthday cake wouldn't be the reason why or anything :)

"I can't help being so cute."

At one Year:

  • weighs about 21-22 lbs.  The official check-up is in a few weeks
  • wears 9-12 mos. with a foot (and hair) growing faster than I can blink.  We'll say size 4.  
  • Is Happy Happy Happy!
  • No teeth!! Still no teeth after one year, but you LOVE table food and when someone else is eating you think you should be as well.
  • Stands alone but does not walk yet.  Has taken 1 step here and there.
  • Says Ma-Ma, Da-da, dog "daw daw", and tries Dooley "Do Do"
  • Loves his paci and blankie still!
  • Crawls and gets into everything!
  • Recently mastered drinking from a straw.  Tonight even got Kate's Capri Sun and went to town.  Bryce also got a Kool-Aid juice box at the soccer game.  First Kool-aid=Happy Bryce!
  • loves books and balls
  • Loves bathtime
  • All around happy boy!  

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