Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Break Recap

We are sad to be getting back into our regular schedule.  Last week was fall break and we had a great time doing some different things.  We stayed pretty busy but the weather was awesome and the girls loved every minute of it.  Bryce, being the "go with the flow" little boy that he is, did great too!  There were 2 days of school so break officially started at 3:20 on Tuesday afternoon.  Tuesday night was a make-up soccer game for Kate and it was her last game.  She has had another great soccer season and I couldn't be more proud of her and the effort she puts into it.   This little girl gets in there and really hustles!  She is aggressive and goes after the ball,  and is so fun to watch.  She and Autumn were the only little girls on their team this fall but that didn't phase either of them.  They loved jumping in there with those little boys.  I think soccer is definitely going to be a sport we see more of.
After Kate's game we went to the park beside the soccer fields and had a little party and handed out trophies.  She has loved showing that trophy off too!

Bryce has discovered the world of Capri Sun waters.  (We won't tell Dr. Setia)

Soccer is even better when she gets her trophy!
Wednesday morning we got up and headed to Charlotte.  We were going to spend a night at Tara's house and enjoy some "waif" time.  Kelly wasn't going with me so traveling with 3 kids alone was an experience.  Luckily Bryce slept and the girls were entertained with their iPads.  We made one short stop and then stopped for lunch in Charlotte at Chic-Fil-A.  I think that was by far the most tiring moment but we made it and then went straight to Tara's house.  The girls were so excited to see Tara, Tina, and Jessica.  Kate went straight in and made fast friends with Tara's dogs and cats.  My kids really love her "doggy" door and like to go in and out of it themselves.  Even more fun came when Tara, Tina, and Jessica surprised all the kids with a birthday party complete with cake and presents!  Since they don't ever get to come celebrate on their actual birthdays they had a party for all 3 of them.  So sweet!  Bryce was catching on good to this birthday thing and went face first for this cake!

 Kate got a new bug box and butterfly net so she had Tara and Jessica looking for bugs and worms with her.

While the girls were bug hunting Tina and I were trying to relax a little.  That is not possible with a one year old explorer!  I finally made a pack-n-play out of Tara's box of cushions.  Enjoy peaceful moments one minute at a time.

Later that evening after some yummy pizza we all had some fun pumpkin carving, or painting...It turns out that carving a Georgia G in a pumpkin takes more talent than us waifs have.  Both Tina and Jessica were going to help carve it out but carved the wrong part so the poor G fell apart.  I had to paint it on.  No more fancy pumpkins, we will stick to triangles and mouths.

We ended the night with loads of laughs over a super fun and hilarious game.  That may become a staple item on waif trips.  The next morning I got a kick out of Bryce trying to use the doggy door when Bentley was going outside.   Maybe we should install one at our house for easy entertainment!  I hated to have such a short trip but a short one is better than not getting one!  Hopefully we will have more very soon.  

We had a great drive home which I was so thankful for.  We even had lunch and ran errands in Anderson.  I was very tired once we got home though.  It was nice to do nothing at home!
On Friday we all slept in but once everyone was up and ready we made our way to pick up Bebe, Brock and Kelly then headed to Atlanta for a trip to the aquarium.  Kate has been wanting to go so bad and for her birthday my mom gave her a trip.  With such busy schedules we had not made it there yet so Friday was the day!  To say she was excited would be a slight understatement.  She was jumping up and down the entire way to the entrance.  She was amazed at all of the animals there.  She was most excited about the whale shark.  She had already told me facts about it that we had read in her books.  Her only disappointment was that there was no killer whales or polar bears.  I'm thinking Kate's next birthday trip needs to be to Sea World.

Checking out the albino alligators

Kate was hesitant of this shark character but after a high five she warmed up quick!

Since Bryce wasn't in the family selfie we took one together...

We found Nemo
The aquarium closed at 5:00 this day which we didn't know was going to happen.  We were finished with our visit luckily but we were not wanting to leave Atl anytime soon with traffic so we did a little exploring in the area.  While most things were closing we did go to the centennial fountain.  Even with it being a little chilly Cohen loved running in and out of the fountain.  When you want to avoid getting wet it adds more fun to everything.  After a while she did get hit a little bit so we decided to stop.  Kate was not as good at paying attention and timing out the water.  She got hit with water too.  She was so funny to watch because she wanted to run through it so bad but would run up and then stop.  Easy entertainment!
The girls and Brock had some fun with a man playing drums on the street, or maybe I should say he had some fun with them.

showing off her face paint from the aquarium

We had a great dinner at a BBQ restaurant close by and then made our way back home.  It was another fun day!  Saturday we did a lot of work around the house and then Kelly, Mama, Brock and I made our way to Athens for Georgia's night game!  I love a night game in Athens!  It was an ugly win but a win no less.  Now we set our sights to Florida.  We had to miss the game last year with a new baby so we are looking forward to a weekend getaway with some of our favorite people!  Sunday of fall break we celebrated a birthday party for our sweet neighbors Sadie and Sawyer.  I can't believe these sweet girls are 3 already!  It was such a beautiful weekend.  We loved the sunshine!  I took the kids on a golf cart ride.  Bryce loves this and he has now started to turn around and just smile up at you so big while your riding.  He does this on the lawn mower as well.  It is precious.  He just turns and smiles right in the middle of driving and does it over and over.  I love that little gummy smile!

We also had fun making some monster slime!  The girls loved their glitter slime and both have passed it out now to their friends.  We will probably be making a second batch.  It was super easy!

 And this last little picture is from our grocery trip on Sunday afternoon.  Its so comical to have to take a car seat into the grocery store because you have to put it in the bottom of the cart and that leaves no room for anything like groceries...hmmm.  Well Kelly was with me on this trip and both girls were pushing little carts thank goodness.  By this point their little carts were full of other items and as I was getting baby food and handing it to Kelly he was piling it on top of Bryce.  I had no idea so when I get to him and see this I died laughing.  Poor baby, he was pulling his weight by carrying his own groceries!

Bryce is missing his shoe because I swear one foot is bigger than the other.  This is very aggravating when it comes to finding shoes to stay on!

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