Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Catch Up

January is probably my least favorite month of the year because you are on a come down from the holidays and it is cold!  There isn't much outside time in January but we have managed to have a little fun this month :)  The girls have had a couple of birthday parties to go to and both were skating parties.  By the second one Cohen was picking up the whole skating concept and she has now even asked for roller skates for her own upcoming birthday.  It was fun watching her learn.  I will admit at the first party she gave up pretty quick and I was over hearing her complain.  At the second one I had warned her about any crying or complaining and she didn't do either.  She had a great attitude and worked hard at trying to skate.  Much more successful!  Kate was a hoot to watch as well.  She had toddler skates that you more or less walk in but she loved it.  She always is so positive and happy no matter what and I hope to goodness that lasts!    Here are some pictures from both parties...
Happy Birthday Carolina

When skating becomes tough...crawl...Autumn and Kate's motto

Kate loved licking the icing off the candles.

Keely's party!  Big girl in skates

Cohen did much better at this she is maintaining her balance!

These kiddos have been friends (& neighbors)  from the beginning
 We also got to have more bowling fun with some of our friends.  Cohen has also become a bowling lover!  Here she and Kingsley are getting ready to bowl!

January is also time for JanFest!!  This is an auxiliary clinic hosted by the UGA Auxiliary.  Cohen goes for a day of baton learning!  She was so excited to attend again this year.  I think she was excited because this year she knew what to expect.  We left early last Saturday morning and headed to Athens.  The clinic lasts from 8:30-3:00 so it is all day but she had a blast and was excited to show me some new tricks she had learned.  I only stayed for a couple of hours this year.  I ran some errands, went to see Nana, and then had to leave Athens to meet my friends to head to Atlanta for our Hot Chocolate run.  Kelly picked her up and made sure he videoed her performance so I could see it.  I was so glad she enjoyed herself.  I was also glad that these pictures were taken that day!
Cohen & Ansley

Add caption

ATRM takes Janfest!  

Awesome group and 2 awesome teachers!  Mrs. Amy & Miss Kayleigh...both former UGA Majorettes!

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