Thursday, January 8, 2015

Off to a New Start-2015

Happy New Year!  I can't believe another year has come and gone!  2014 was a big year for our family since we added our sweet boy Bryce to the family.  I often start a new year wondering what this year will bring, don't you?!  January is probably my least favorite month.  I hate coming down from the holiday high and I hate cold weather.  After Christmas this girl starts the summer countdown.  Right now with these frigid temps (I think it is 22 degrees outside right now, no lie), I am taking advantage of more snuggle time with the kids inside.  I have several projects I need to do here in the house so hopefully some motivation will hit me soon!
We started the New Year off right, spending New Year's Eve with our good friends!  I love that and I hope that's how we spend the whole year :)  We were at 2 different places on New Year's Eve and I loved seeing everyone.  We started our night at our friends, Ben and Amanda's house, and ended the night at the Burton's.  We always love going to the Burton's and especially the fireworks show!  This year, believe it or not, Cohen actually watched the fireworks outside of the car!!  She also wanted to do sparklers.   She started twirling hers around like a fire baton, so I think that was the appeal this year.  Either way I'll take it!  This child has hated fireworks her whole life.  It only took 6 years (almost 7) to break her in.  Kate however fell asleep around 11:30 so she missed them all, along with Bryce :)  We really enjoyed the whole evening though.  I can't think of a better way to start the year!
sweet friends

Cohen wanted to do sparklers...Finally!!

sweet Helena holding Bryce
We spent New Year's day the same way...with our friends!  This year is looking good already, right!  We had the traditional New Year's food with several of our friends at Alan & Jen's house.  All while watching some big football games!  Food and football...we love both!   The kids loved getting to play with all of their friends too.  Over the weekend we laid low and tried to stay warm!  We started some clean up projects here at home and Cohen had a sleepover here with Savannah.  On Sunday I was so ready to go and do something!!  Cabin fever had set in and I also wanted to do something with the girls before school started on Monday.  The rain had really put a damper on doing much over the past week.  Josie came home with us from church and we took all 3 girls bowling.  Bryce had a day with Sug & Pop so we could really focus on the girls.  They loved it and so did we.  Cohen is already talking about bowling again and maybe around her birthday.  Both she and Josie did a great job and they tied their score on the last game.  I had to snap a picture of the final score on the first game since I won!  Beating the Hubs requires a picture for bragging rights.  He's pretty competitive especially with me.  hehe!  He did barely win the second game.  I don't think he would have recovered if he hadn't :)  It was a fun afternoon!  Hopefully we can get some more fun things in soon.  If it continues to be so cold I hope it snows.  If we have to deal with this nasty cold we might as well get some fun out of it!

Just for fun, here are a few of my New Year's resolution...maybe this will help me remember what they actually are:

  • Lose the rest of this baby weight!!  Would it be a New year without a weight loss or healthy eating goal??  I just want to get back to my original (pre-baby) weight.  I do want to be healthier doing it and I plan to drink more water (and less sweet tea) maybe?!  Also I am trying to make myself eat more veggies!  We shall see
  • Run a 5K once a month.  I also did this one last year and actually did it until I got so big that running was out of the question which was about 6 months preggers.  Pretty good I thought so I am continuing that goal for 2015.  I ran my first race since Bryce in December and did better than I thought I would.  I was 4th in my age group so my other goal is to place higher!  haha!  Its always fun to win your age group so we shall see!  We start this year with a bang at the Atlanta Hot Chocolate run!   This year we lost our minds and are doing the 15k!  That goal is just to finish alive.  
  • Soak up as much quality time with my kids as possible.  They are all growing so fast so I want to enjoy them, really get on their level and enjoy them!  They each are so different but yet so fun so this goal I am looking forward to.  We will hopefully be taking Cohen skiing for the first time this year so that will be a start!   
  • Date nights once a month and friends time once a month.  Sometimes these 2 could be combined with fun double dates but I love spending quality time with my friends.  It keeps me sane and I need that.  Our Hot Chocolate run will be my girls weekend for this month!  I look forward to that part of the race!  Hubby and I celebrate 10 fabulous years of marriage this year too!  WE have some trip plans in mind but we may not actually do a big trip until next year.  We will see.
Anyway...there's a few of my goals for the year.  I know anyone who reads this was dying to know them!  Feel free to share yours too!!   Happy New Year from the Finger family! (I had to share at least one pic of this cutie)

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  1. Bryce is getting so big!!! And girl, I hear you on the less sweet tea-more water thing! I am right there with you!!!