Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bryce-3 months

Bryce is more like 3 1/2 months at this point but who's counting, right??  I think I've just been in denial that my baby boy is already 3 months old.  Its like the first age milestone!  Stop time, stop!  I can tell you that in these 3 short months, this little boy has completely stolen my heart and I have found another love that I never knew existed.  He is my constant snuggle buddy and I admit that he is spoiled rotten by me.  I have learned to do almost everything one handed because I hold him in the other arm!  Oh well, that's what babies are for isn't it.  I know this is a short stage in the grand scheme of things so I'm going to continue doing it.  Bryce is such a cutie and really is just a good baby.  We have been lucky to have 3 good babies!  He is now sleeping through the night which is fabulous.  That probably started right at the beginning of January when he was right at 3 months old.  We don't have a doctor's visit at 3 months so I don't have actual growth stats but I can share tons of pictures and some quick facts about him at this age.

1.  He has found his hands, and it might be the most precious thing to see him hold them together and up close to his face.  He even sucks on them every now and then when the paci falls out.

2.  He is full of smiles and coos!  And his favorite place to smile and "talk" to me is his changing table.  Of course in the morning time he is so happy and talkative.  I can lay him on his table to change him and he will smile and smile!  If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that A LOT of pictures of him are smiling on the changing table.  Definitely one of his favorite spots.  I just know he is going to grow up wondering what that pink rectangle is in his face...aka my phone!  As long as he knows to smile for it I'm good!  Here are several smiley pics on the table!!

I mean could there be a cuter face??!  I love how happy he is.

Some other things about Bryce at 3 months:

  • He still loves bath time. 
  • He has discovered his hands AND how to blow bubbles
  • His big sisters are crazy about him.  Kate is all over him all the time!  I have to watch her.  All of my Instagram and Facebook friends have seen the video of her making him "wiggle".  He got quite a workout in on that one!  Kate also likes to dress him up.  Scuba Bryce was back again this month!
  • sleeps all night!  YAY for Bryce and Mama!
  • Eats usually every 3-4 hours and is taking at least 3 oz each time.  Sometimes 4.  
  • Wears 3 months clothes or 0-3 months
  • Loves to snuggle and be snuggled!  He even likes to have a blanket cover part of his face to go to sleep.  That along with his paci.
  • He is getting good at holding up his head.  He looks a lot like a bobble head but so cute doing it.
  • On another note, (for my memory), he has to be the most gassy baby on the planet!  He also poops maybe once a week on a good week.  we have been told not to worry since he isn't on formula, but knowing how gassy he is, I would feel better having him go every day.  How do babies go from pooping so many times a day to never??
Here are some random pictures of him this month.  He doesn't lack to have his picture made but I will be honest, they are all usually on the iPhone.  Who would know that I do take pictures??  Slacker mom with my own kids!

A rare moment in his crib

a selfie with of the few pics we have together! AHHH!

sleeping angel

showing mama how he can blow bubbles

bath baby

trying out the Bumbo seat...can you tell we had 2 girls before him?!

Suzy talking to Bryce

stroller ride!

scuba Bryce is back...or should I say Kate strikes again.  He was not having it this time 

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