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Christmas 2014

We had such a great Christmas, and its so hard to believe that it is all over.  I love Christmas and all the fun leading up to it.  Kate was sick a few days before Christmas but luckily was perking back up by Tuesday.  We had Christmas in Gainesville with Grannie & Papa that night.  The girls were so excited about getting to open their first Christmas presents.  Every present Kate had seen me wrap she would ask if it was her present and I was late starting my wrapping this year because I knew she would be wanting to unwrap everything.  It was almost like a show when it came time to open gifts.  All 4 girls would get a gift to open and Aunt Vicki would give them the go ahead to open and they would tear into the gift and get so excited about what they had.  Its so fun watching their faces.  Cohen got a pet kitty cat for her American girl doll and a pet bed.  She also got a gymnastics outfit for   her doll.  Both girls got new coats, and Kate loved opening a remote control dog and an Elsa doll that sings Kate's favorite song, "Let it Go".   We all got so many great gifts and really enjoyed our Christmas with Grannie, Papa, Aunt Vicki, and Aunt Danette!

A little background info on this picture...Papa always gives us toilet paper.  I seriously have only bought toilet paper maybe a few times since Kelly and I were married.  Those times were when we lived in Charlotte because since living back in Georgia I have not ever bought any.  He keeps us stocked!  I love it and I had to have a picture of us with Papa and our "TP".

4 generations
On Christmas Eve we had a few last minute errands to run.  The nasty weather was no fun to be out in but we had fun anyway.  We had a low key afternoon at home getting ready for the big day.  On Christmas Eve night we always go to the Christmas Eve service at church then to Sug & Pop's house for a delicious meal!!  I love Christmas Eve!  I enjoy the quiet, peacefulness of it.  There is something special about that night and it is really one of my most favorite parts of Christmas.  We can relax and not feel rushed to be anywhere and just enjoy each other.  We do open an ornament from Aunt Vicki but no other presents are opened.  Sug always goes all out on this meal and it is always so good!  Pop reads us "The Night Before Christmas" and then we have to get the girls home to put out reindeer food and cookies for Santa.  Cohen was so excited!  She was so giddy and couldn't wait to be in bed.  Kate was pretty tired but she did make it home without falling asleep in the car and had fun putting out her reindeer food.  I cherish these years with our kids!!
Our first Christmas as a family of 5

I was so glad that both girls were quick to fall asleep.  Bryce on the other hand had a hard time giving it up.  It was a late night for me and Kelly!  For the first time ever we didn't have to wake the girls up!  Cohen was in our room at 7:00 ready to go.  We did have to wake Kate up and it took a minute to get her going.  Bebe spent the night with us too so I woke her up and then it was time for the girls to see what Santa had brought!!  Cohen was so excited and Kate started to cry saying "Santa didn't bwing me anyting".  She must have thought it was all for Cohen but we quickly showed her all her new things and once she hopped on her new Frozen scooter she was good to go!  Cohen got a new American Girl doll and a scuba set she wanted!  Baby Bryce got some new outfits that he will be absolutely precious in!

Cohen's Santa Claus

Kate's Santa Claus

Bryce's Santa Claus

It took Kate a minute to warm up and realize Santa did come to see her

So excited over her Hershey bar

Cohen was more than happy to help Kate go through her stocking

We had a big Christmas breakfast at our house with Bebe, Sug, Pop, Aunt Vicki, and Davis.  We decided to stay home all morning this year so the girls could enjoy all their new toys.  We loved having everyone over.  Kelly and I had bought a golf cart from our friends Jeremy & Stacey and gave it to the girls that morning.  They were both very excited about that and I know we will enjoy it so much!

My first Christmas!
We headed to Bebe's house for lunch and to have Christmas with Paula, Devin, Chance, and Brock.  Kelly fried a turkey and it was so good.  He has become a very good turkey fryer!  haha!  Bebe gave both girls iPads so they were in heaven!  I think its safe to say they had a very good Christmas!  It was a fun afternoon and we even got to get a new picture of Bebe and all the grandkids...this one with Bryce :)

Finally got a picture of Devin holding Bryce...I think it was his first time!

We got in a little nap that afternoon which is for sure the first time we have ever did that!  It was nice.

We had Christmas at Suzy's house that night.  I always enjoy that too.  The family keeps on growing!!  This year it was Bryce and David's first Christmas.  When the kids started opening presents it was beyond chaotic but they were definitely having fun.  I can't help but remember when I was little and how much I loved sitting in Suzy's living room floor opening presents.  Its crazy how now I see my kids in that same spot.  The room has doubled with the people there but I love being there with my family and I'm thankful I have these great memories.  Time sure flies!
Bryce thought Nanny was so funny


Kate loves looking at the Country magazines with Denny.  

First Christmas for these sweet boys...David & Bryce

We came home from Suzy's and opened presents just the 5 of us.  The girls get so excited to give us the presents they have helped wrap.  They almost love this as much as opening their own gifts.  Cohen was able to shop with me and Kelly this year and pick out things she wanted to give and also had gifts for Kate and Bryce.  She had wrapped them herself too.  I love how thoughtful she can be.  We really had a great Christmas and are beyond blessed.   I love Christmas and always hate to see it end.  It always seems to bring a lot of family time which I love.  I loved having my sweet baby boy this year too.  I have soaked up having a tiny baby!  I know it will be a lot different next year.  Here is a funny picture...Kate found Cohen's American Girl snorkel mask and decided she would use Bryce as her own little doll...his face is priceless!  I can just see him saying "Mom save me"

Because we had to rearrange some things on Christmas day, we did our Christmas with Sug & Pop on the day after Christmas.  I like being able to drag it out a little bit too ;)  We got to enjoy our time with them more and not be rushed too.  The girls loved getting to open more presents and we had a fun night with everyone.  Merry Christmas!!

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