Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Visit in Charlotte and the Belk Bowl! GO DAWGS!

I am starting to get caught up on the blog!  All the holiday fun has kept us busy but I wouldn't have it any other way.  This year Georgia was playing in the Belk Bowl game against Louisville which meant 2 things...1.) I wish Georgia had gotten a better bowl game, but....2.) the Belk Bowl is in Charlotte which I was way pumped about.  This meant I would be going to visit my friends!   I'm always looking for a chance to go to Charlotte and being able to go see friends and see Georgia play was a win win situation for me.  The only kicker was I would have Bryce with me so he would have to experience his first Georgia game.  I promise you I am normally not that mom who drags her kids out in the freezing cold for a football game that he won't even remember, but I had no choice so we made it work!  And...he was great!
Bryce and I left on Monday morning and made our way to Charlotte.  He was an angel the whole way.  My first stop was to see my friend Nikki who I hadn't seen in (lets just say) WAY too long.  Nikki and I worked together and she was one of my closest friends.  I miss her!  She just had a little boy about 2 weeks before me so not only did I want to see her, but I also wanted to meet Mr. J.R.  He and Bryce were so cute laying in the floor together.  It is crazy to think she and I are both moms now!  One day we will tell our kiddos about all the fun we used to have!  haha!  We caught up at her house and then headed to lunch together.  The boys were so sweet and during lunch they both slept.  What sweet boys to let their mommies catch up!  I was so glad to see her and hope our next visit will be soon!

They were both all into the T.V.

After leaving Nikki's, I headed to JRM to see Jessica and all the girls there.  I wish I had a full week to go see everyone I miss!  I did get to see several girls that I used to work with there though so that was nice.  From JRM we headed to dinner at one of my favorites...Red Rocks.  Tara and Gordy, Michael and Amy, and "grey shirt guy" aka Michael met Jessica and I there.  Once again Bryce was so good and slept through dinner while we all had a blast catching up with each other and just talking.    I loved it!  I was reminded how many special friends I have there and how I really value the time I get to spend with them even if its never long enough.

We stayed the night with Tara.  Its so much fun waking up at a waifs house!  A big thank you to Tara for letting us stay :)  The next day we met up with Jessica again for lunch before we had to head downtown to meet Kelly.  I love my girls and I'm already looking forward to our next "waif" trip!

Kelly came up on Tuesday with our friends Shawn and Natalie.  He hated not being able to see our N.C. friends but he had to work.  We met up around 2:00 and all piled in one car to head to the game. When we got there we got Bryce all bundled and snug in the Bjorn.  We all walked around the fan zone and then watched the Miranda Lambert concert.  Bryce slept through the whole thing...noise doesn't seem to phase him a bit.  After the concert we headed into the game.  I was thankful that Bank of America stadium had family bathrooms!  I was able to feed and change Bryce a lot easier than I had thought it might be.  He did so well during the game.  He had a few fussy moments but really he slept a lot, and that was a big deal with all that noise going on.  Not to mention the cold...but I'm pretty sure Bryce may have been the only person there who actually broke a sweat!  The game was great for us Dawg fans too!  A Georgia win for Bryce's first game!  GO DAWGS!  We drove back that night after the game and again Bryce was great on the ride home.  This boy did amazing on his first big road trip.

Miranda Lambert

my snuggle bunny

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  1. Wish I would have known, would have loved to see you. Miss you