Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Georgia Girls!

Its almost that time of year...FOOTBALL SEASON!!  This house of Bulldawgs is very excited!  Each year I like to be sure I get a picture of the girls in their Georgia outfits (one of the many) and we take the pictures in Athens on campus.  Even though this past weekend was nice and hot, I decided to go ahead and take the pictures on Saturday while we were already planning to be in Athens.  The girls were great and very cooperative.  It really doesn't take long since I know when I get a good picture of them and being as pregnant as I am, I didn't feel like hiking all over campus myself.  Cohen had even dressed her American Girl doll in her red and black and GA bow for a picture.  I look back at pictures from the previous years and it is crazy to see how much the girls have grown and changed.  Sad mama moment for me.  I love having these though and hope it just goes right along with the other GA seeds we plant in them!  Their favorite thing is to ring the chapel bell and unfortunately there was a ceremony of some kind taking place inside so they couldn't ring the bell.  I do hope that bell is being rung on this Saturday though, after a victory against Clemson!  GO DAWGS!!

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