Friday, August 1, 2014

A Waif Gets the Bahamas!

Two weeks ago my bff Jessica got married and she did it in the Bahamas!  It was fabulous and so was all the fun we had over the entire wedding weekend.  I love destination weddings, especially tropical ones!  Kelly and I flew down on Thursday morning and were at the Sandals resort shortly after 12.  The fun began immediately!  It was great to be reunited with my waif girls too!  We spent that day at the pool and beach and that night everyone ate dinner together at one of the restaurants.  After dinner they had the best music right out on the beach and we all just hung out and talked.  I loved it!  
Friday was wedding day!!  We all got up and met for breakfast and then made our way over to the private island the resort owns for a little pre-wedding relaxation.  We laid out at the pool in the most wonderful cabana chairs/beds ever!  We also enjoyed the ocean and had some fun exploring the island...especially when we found some fun swings ;)  After lunch we headed back over to the resort to start getting ready.  It was so fun watching Jessica and GSG (grey shirt guy) get married.  When Jess & I worked together in Charlotte I can so vividly remember her coming into my office one morning to tell me about this hot guy in one of her classes.  All she knew about him was he wore a grey Hendrick work shirt so he became "grey shirt guy".  Shortly after I talked her into asking him to do something and the rest is history!  Here we stood, 8yrs later, watching them say I DO!!  LOVE IT!  It was worth every sweat drop shed...haha!  Jessica is not only one of my very bests, she is like a sister so that made it extra special as well.  We all celebrated at the reception and afterward at the pool and hot tub :)  What better way to get married?!
Saturday was our last day there so after breakfast we hit the beach.  Tina and I had a fun kayak ride and I must say she is the best kayaker!  I know she thinks the same about me, even though I like to stop paddling to take pics.  I mean what's a good paddle trip without a selfie??  That day Kelly and I went on the snorkeling trip as well.  We saw some beautiful fish, and a sea turtle.  That was my favorite.   When we got back from that trip we both laid out under an umbrella on the beach.  It did start to rain that afternoon but we still laid under our umbrella and relaxed!  It was wonderful.  I hated that the afternoon was off and on rain but we still had fun.  That night we met everyone for dinner.  Some of the guys had been deep sea fishing earlier that morning and caught some tuna that the restaurant cooked for us.  It was yummy!   After dinner we had more hot tub fun and even though it rained we still sat out and laughed until we couldn't laugh anymore.  The guys even had some fun with the volleyballs and trying to get them to stay on top of the columns.   Needless to say when we left Sunday morning there were 2 volleyballs perched on top of the columns.  I think we laughed so hard.  I love laughing like that.  It was so sad when we had to leave the next morning.  I love getting back to see my girls but fun getaways like that are truly the best.  Good friends, lots of laughs, and good memories made.  We met some great friends too!  LOVED IT ALL!   Here are some fun pics from the entire trip...
Made it to the Bahamas!

Loved this couch sitting right in the water

Hubby was pooped ;)...which means picture time!

Baby bump!
Island life

Loving the pool cabana

Caught hubby doing some souvenir shopping for the girls while we got ready

Getting ready!


Mr. & Mrs. Oxendine!! 
Hubs on the stand up paddle board


Had to have a picture on the big beach bike 

Sea Turtle!

The sign that was on our door!

Jessica's family was all pooped out from the wedding :)

Loving the beach life!

Saturday's dinner
Volleyball fun is starting 
Nothing was funnier than Gordy having to put on the dress
You can see the volleyball was perched on the column the next morning! 

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