Monday, September 1, 2014

Dawgs on Top!! Its Football Season!

This weekend kicked off Georgia football season!  We live for Georgia football in our house and we have been looking forward to this game all year.  Even though we are having our baby at the beginning of October, we still have season tickets and this 8 month pregnant girl wasn't about to miss this big first game!  Georgia vs. Clemson has always been a big rivalry to me because they played more often when I was growing up.  Now they play every 10 years but it sure makes for an exciting first game.   Saturday morning we got everyone ready and dropped the girls off and then headed to Blake & Kasey's.  We got to Athens just before 1:00 and headed to the tailgate.  This game's tailgate was exciting because Meri Beth and Jess were having their baby gender reveal!  Exciting baby news mixed with tailgating fun makes for a fun afternoon for sure.  We made sure to head to the Dawg Walk too!  I love seeing Coach Richt walk with the players on that first home game and the atmosphere was very pumped up and excited.
It turned out to be a great game, especially for us Dawg fans!  The first half was very close and exciting and the second half, especially the 4th quarter the Dawgs showed out, especially Todd Gurley.  Its always nice to start the season off with a win.  Its even more fun celebrating with our close friends.  I have to say, there were 3 things I was very thankful for at the end of the day...#1 to be a Bulldawg!!, #2 for a paper fan...never underestimate the value of a piece of paper stapled to a stick! and #3, for maternity belts that help relieve the back pain and pressure of an ever growing baby!  I was 33 1/2 weeks on Saturday and I wanted and needed every bit of support that thing could provide. Now if someone has a  remedy to help feet and legs from swelling then I'm all ears!  We have more home games to go before the actual due date but I will make it to everyone I can!  I think our leading names for the baby now are girl...Gurley Michelle and boy...Todd Chubb!  Haha!! GO DAWGS!

Take note of the wonderful fan! Thankful for Seminole County & their fans!  #whereisseminolecounty

I have an app called Memoir on my phone that emails me pictures from that particular day that were taken in the past.  This picture came up from 5 years ago on Saturday.  How fitting?!  This is Cohen and Kelly ringing the chapel bell, her first time ringing it.  Can't believe it has been 5 years!  My how time flies.

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