Monday, August 11, 2014

First Grade Open House

Today was open house at Lavonia Elementary.  Cohen is so excited to be starting back to school.  Mama...well I'm sad to see summer ending!  I am excited that she is so ready though and today I became even more excited after meeting Cohen's teacher.  Cohen will have Mrs. Crooms and we are beyond thrilled!  I know she is going to love first grade and couldn't have asked for a better teacher.  She was pumped to know several of her classmates too.  I think any uneasiness she had quickly went away.  With this being a year of change for us,  I really wanted Cohen to be happy at school and I know she will be!  She told Kelly tonight she wished school started tomorrow :)  We will now enjoy one last day of summer vacation before all the fun begins!

I never blogged about our back to school shopping trip that we took a couple of weeks ago.  Dawn and I took our kids again together this year to get all the supplies on the list.  Cohen loves getting to pick out her items.  The kiddos also had a lot of fun at Old Navy!  I had actually gone into a dressing room and when I came out they were all "disguised" to see if I could find them.  They crack me up!  Their disguises were hats and shirts they had found.

This is where they were hiding to see if I would notice them.  Love em!

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