Friday, August 15, 2014

Cohen's 1st Day of First Grade

Wednesday was the big day!!  School started back and Cohen started first grade.  It doesn't seem real that summer is over and we are gearing up for busy life again!  I love the feeling of fall in the air but I am also a summer lover and I hate to see it end.  Cohen was so excited though!  She was up before I could wake her up.  She was all smiles for her picture and was ready to hop in the car and go.  When we got to school she was speeding  down the hall to get to her class.  In no time she had found where to hang her lunchbox and book bag and was at her chair.  She opened her arms to me and I gave her a big hug and she was ready to get started.  I love that she was so eager to get started.  Since she was more than fine I gave her one more kiss and headed out.  I had a few tears in the car but I just knew she would have a great day and I was right!  When I picked her up the first words out of her mouth were, "can I go back?"  She was meaning right then and I had to inform her that she would come back only it would be tomorrow!  She said first grade was "awesome" and that there was no way there was any other teacher that was sweeter than Mrs. Crooms.  She told me that she saw all her friends and had the best time playing with them.  I hope this is the start to a fun filled year.  Now it is Friday and while she is no longer waking up herself, she is still excited when I pick her up each afternoon.

After dropping Cohen off at school, I had to head to my doctor's appointment.  I am now going to the doctor every 2 weeks so I know the end is in sight...thank goodness.  I have reached the uncomfortable stage and while I still want to enjoy these last few weeks with just my 2 girls, I am also getting ready to not be pregnant and have back pain :)  I have not been good to blog about the appointments but at each one I have taken a picture with Kate because she has been to EVERY one!  I love it!  I enjoy this time with her so much!  My mama was with us too and I snapped one of her and Kate.  Everything is looking good still and today we had a faster heartbeat...154!  The baby was pretty active as well.  That is the norm.  The movements are so strong each day.  It can almost take my breath!
After leaving the doctor we ran a few errands and Kate got some good picture time in with every mannequin she could find...what else is new?!   We then headed back home to pick up Coco.

Kate's week with mannequins...

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