Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Catch Up

I've been a blog slacker lately but I guess that is a sign of being super busy and enjoying summer!  We have definitely been enjoying our summer whether it has been relaxing at home and at the pool or being on the go with friends and doing other fun things.  I absolutely love every minute of summer and it makes me so sad to think in a few weeks it will all be ending.  I love having Cohen home from school even though there are days I think I may go crazy.  Its all part of life and I love it.  The girls are so fun and are really at a good age to play together and be able to go out and have fun with both.  Over the last few weeks we have had fun at our Bible school which was a sports theme this year, we have made visits to the farmer's market & peach orchards, I took the girls to see Disney Jr. Live in Athens, and just this past weekend the girls had so much going on while they stayed with Sug and Suzy while Kelly & I were gone to the Bahamas (another post entirely).  July has overall been a calm month for us though and we have also enjoyed weekends at home which we love.   I love being able to relax at home and then stay outside late playing with our neighbors.  The kids love being able to play with their friends and it just reminds me that its the little things that they love the most and enjoy just as much as any big outing.  We have loved going to Ronnie & Tonya's pool too.  Both of these girls love the pool!  Kate also loves going to the pool and having snacks!  I celebrated my birthday last week and the girls were precious with their sweet cards they made me and doing everything they could to make my day special.  Cohen and I went to have pedicures that day which is something special we can do together.   She loves getting her toes painted especially with a design, and on that particular day she wanted to sit in the chair and have her feet "washed" like I do.  She is precious.  Kate has become a big fan of our flowers in the yard because they attract a lot of butterflies.  She will stand outside at the flowers and try her best to catch one, and most of the time she is successful.  She also loves to catch fireflies when it starts to get dark.  I love it!  It reminds me of when I was little.  Nothing thrills her more than to catch a bug!  This summer Kelly and Cohen picked some blackberries in our backyard and with my mama's help we made jelly!  That was big in my book!  haha! 
Last week we made our monthly visit to the doctor for our baby check up.  It was my glucose test.  I actually had both girls with me on this visit which was fine.  The visits are so short and they did very well.  Kate had to take in a balloon from my birthday the day before and they had a brief balloon hitting match in the room but otherwise were very well behaved.  The baby's heartbeat was 140, and everything is doing great.  I know it is coming so quick!  I am now 28 weeks and I know once school starts it will all start flying by at the speed of light!  
Here are a ton of pics to sum up a lot of what we have been doing these past few weeks!!

Night 1 of Fam Jam:

Someone got wet at messy games

Kate playing soccer 
Cohen & Savannah Carrying the ball with no hands involved 

The favorite Cheeto game

Digging for worms!

Night #2 and the fun dress-up pics from having a sleepover with Josie!

Sums these 2 up!  I love these silly girls!

More fun at messy games!  Cohen had to have 2 nights of it!

Kate playing football
This was from the last night...she was enjoying the ice cream

More random summer fun pictures!
Kate & Nolan at the pool

About to grab a nasty bug!

Cohen was taking a rest during our visit to the farmer's market

Kate loves to ride with her window down...she will beg to have her window "up"...aka down!

Shelling peas

My sweet birthday cards...from all my artists

Pedicure time with my favorite

One of my birthday gifts was a chaise lounge chair for the porch...I love how Kate is twirling her baton too!

selfies in the doctor's office!

 While we were in the Bahamas, Sug and Suzy kept the girls busy.  On Thursday the girls got to walk to Sug's school when she was little and then play on the playground.  On Friday they went to a petting zoo and both girls rode on the ponies.  I loved getting the pictures and seeing the fun they were having!

Here is Kate trying to catch a butterfly on our flowers 

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