Monday, April 21, 2014

Cohen's Kindergarten Egg Hunt & Easter Party

Friday was Cohen's turn for an Easter party!  The kindergarten was having a big egg hunt followed by their Easter party.  Everything started at 2:00.  We were rushing against beating the rain and thankfully it all held off so the kids could hunt eggs outside.   There were so many eggs!   Cohen found all her basket could hold!  Easter has become as big for candy as Halloween!  After the egg hunt we headed back to her classroom for their Easter snack.  They were all having a ball!  I'm so glad they still get to have these parties because it really is so much fun for them.  I remember having all that fun in elementary school too.  I'm also glad Cohen doesn't miss out on the fun since she hears about Kate getting to go to the library egg hunt.  I have to always remind her that she got to do that too and still does fun things at school that Kate doesn't get to do.  

These bunny snacks were so cute!

love these silly girls
Since Sug had Kate for me to go to Cohen's Easter party we decided to go ahead and dye eggs when we got home while it was just the 2 of us.  Cohen had picked out a marble egg dye kit so I wasn't sure how complicated it would get, but it was fun for us.  I miss getting one on one time with her and I think its something you don't realize your missing out on until its just the 2 of us.  Our marble eggs were a success.  We now have lots of boiled eggs to give to Bebe since she can use them ;)

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